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Abale-chan, is an android built by Dr. Mashirito Jr. as an opposite of Arale Norimaki.


Abale is an android with the same physical appearance as Arale Norimaki but with a more angry expression. She wears black sunglasses with a blue tint, a black beanie with "ABALE" written in red, a black and red t-shirt with a skull on the front, black, spiky wristbands, blue jean shorts, brown boots and red socks. She also wears an earring on her left ear and a silver chain with a cross emblem.


Abale is a "bad girl" who acts rebellious and apathetic. Though she is a self-proclaimed bad-girl, Abale doesn't have an evil nature. Abale becomes more nice towards people with dirty smelly such as Taro Soramame. Abale is somewhat simple-minded (she hates complication in situations) and occasionally ill-tempered. When provoked or insulted, Abale reacts mercilessly violent and scoffs at their defiance to herself but the truth is that she loves being insulted and degraded. With her aspirations, Abale is go-getting and productive to attain them in a more or less civil manner.



Abale in front of her creator destroying her glasses

Abale is designed to be more powerful and perverted than both Arale Norimaki and Obotchaman. She appears to share the same abilities as Arale.

She cares very little for her creator Dr. Mashirito Jr. and refuses to listen to orders. She is against being evil, saying that even though she is a 'bad girl' it does not automatically make her a bad person.

In her appearance in Dr. Mashirito and Abale-chan, in spite of itself, she successfully contains the Tech-Tech alien invasion.



  • Abale's name (暴れ Abare) means "Fighting" in Japanese.
  • Taro Soramame is the author of the book Dr. Mashirito Jr. used to program Abale into a "bad-girl". Like Abale, Taro was a bad-kid without an evil nature.

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