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Am I Wicked Strong?!
Dr. Slump Arale-chan episode
Episode №: 56
Airdate: May 19th, 1982
Opening: Waiwai World (version 2)
Ending: Ale Ale Arale-chan (version 2)
Japanese Title: わたしってむちゃんこつおい?!
Rōmaji: Watashitte muchanko tsuoi?!
Manga Counterpart: Am I Wicked Strong?!
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Next: The Miniature House of Our Dreams
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Am I Wicked Strong?! (わたしってむちゃんこつおい?! Watashitte muchanko tsuoi?!) is the 56th episode of Dr. Slump Arale-chan.


A samurai warrior Sugata Sankaku comes to Penguin Village. He is very strong but also he is very hungry. When his hunger reaches an intolerable level, Arale asks him to come to her house to have some of Senbei's ramen!


A lone samurai known as The Champ fights a martial artist named Sankaku just outside of Penguin Village one night. The champ ends up winning and becomes very disappointed that there is nobody that is a real challenge for him. The next morning in Penguin Village, the Champ arrives and ends up meeting Arale and Kinoko which he proves to them he is a good samurai by cutting a leaf on the ground with his sword. Arale takes the champ to her house for some ramen which he loves. While they walk to her house, Sankaku is following wanting to get revenge on the Champ. While the Champ is enjoying his ramen, Sankaku sees how much he loves ramen and decides that he can use it against The Champ and win. Sankaku ends up having a rematch with The Champ off of a cliff by the ocean. Sankaku tricks The Champ by giving him ramen in the middle of the fight but ends up still losing. The Champ still disappointed that there is nobody out there and believes he is still the best. Then the Champ sees how powerful Arale is and becomes happy seeing that there still are strong people out there and more competition for him and leaves Penguin Village to continue training to be the best.



Character Name Voice Actor
Arale Norimaki Mami Koyama
Senbei Norimaki Kenji Utsumi
Gatchan Seiko Nakano
Peasuke Soramame Naomi Jinbo
Kinoko Sarada Kazuko Sugiyama
The Champ (Debut) Unknown
Sankaku (Debut) Unknown