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And I'll Form the Head! is the 169th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga series.


Senbei sneaks back home with the damaged Arale and Obotchaman in his backpack. When Obotchaman fails to respond to Senbei’s attempts to wake him up, Senbei thinks that he is dead. Arale reveals to Senbei that Obotchaman is a robot too. He uses a magnet to convince himself that Obotchaman is really a robot. Midori arrives back home with a gift for Arale, a cute hippo suit. Senbei panics and starts fixing Arale. It is almost dinnertime, Midori is concerned that Arale is not home yet. Senbei still hasn’t finished fixing Arale, to buy time, he tells Midori that Arale had told him that she would be stopping at Akane’s on her way back. Senbei sneaks past Midori in the kitchen down into the basement where he has a collection of old robots. He fixes Arale’s head to one of the robots, but its body is too big for Arale and it wouldn’t fool Midori. Senbei sneaks back up and Obotchaman’s body lying on the lab table catches his attention. He X-rays Obotchaman and finds that his internal electronics are identical to Arale’s. He is confused as to how this could be, and proceeds to fix Arale’s head to Obotchaman’s body.  Arale calls herself Obotchale and discovers that she has a new body part - a pee pee. At night, the happy family are happily watching TV. Senbei goes to the restroom to poop, and when he returns there is no-one in the living room. The pig with sunglasses informs Senbei that they had gone to take a bath. Senbei rushes to the bathroom to find Midori in a state of shock on the floor with Obotchale wearing only a shower cap. Senbei is angry when Obotchale tells him that she showed Midori her pee pee, but also praises her, since he got a peek of Midori’s bum.

Volume 14: The Indestructible Caramel Man 007!
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