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Aoi Kimidori (木緑葵 Kimidori Aoi "Yellow-Green Blue") is the sweet sister of typical "bad-girl" Akane Kimidori, who works at the local coffee shop in Penguin Village named the Coffee Pot and one of Senbei Norimaki's close friends, though she has a habit of mispronouncing his name. In the Harmony Gold English Dub, her name is Lois and she serves hot cocoa instead of coffee.


The Birth of Arale[]

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Aoi meeting Arale.

Aoi is the first person to be introduced to Arale Norimaki in The Birth of Arale. In Here Comes Arale, she makes Senbei take her to the Penguin Village Movie Theater to see Nekotoraman vs. Nekotora-7 which she soon regrets as Senbei gets loud in the theater embarrassing her.

In It is! ...not there, the anime adaptation of Something's Missing!, Aoi replaces the generic woman that reads on the park bench while Senbei tries to use the See-Thru Glasses to see her naked for a body part but a cat sits on her lap blocking it.


Aoi watching a bear over a wall.

Aoi appears briefly with Akane in Dr. Monster when Senbei calls Coffee Pot asking if Arale has been around and tells him that she hasn't.

In Bearly Friends!, Aoi shows Arale that a bear was being held captive in a cage in someone's front yard that Arale ends up freeing later that night.

In Is It a Girl? Is It a Boy!?, Senbei calls Aoi and asks if she can help breastfeed Gatchan and yells at him instead, telling him to die.

Earth S.O.S.![]

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In the anime adaptation of The Story of Donbe, she is seen talking to Kurikinton Soramame when Donbei ties a thread of her dress to a car that took off and unraveled her dress in front of him causing her to get embarrassed and slaps Kurikinton for his reaction.

Penguin Grand Prix[]

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In Super Driver, Aoi gets her driver's license and is shown to be a horrible driver.

Other Media[]

Dragon Ball[]


Aoi washing dishes in Dragon Ball.

In the Dragon Ball timeline, Aoi was born in Age 726. In the General Blue Saga, she is seen doing her usual job working behind the counter of the Coffee Pot when Goku is chasing General Blue in the air.

Doctor Slump[]

In the remake, Aoi's hairstyle has been changed and she got earrings on her ears.

Video Games[]


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