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Arale's Missing Thing...
R 3a
Dr. Slump Remake episode
Episode №: 3a
Airdate: December 10, 1997
Japanese Title: アラレにないもの…
Rōmaji: Arale ni Nai Mono...
Manga Counterpart: Something's Missing!
Original Anime Counterpart: It is! ...not there
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Arale's Missing Thing... (アラレにないもの… Arale ni Nai Mono...) is the first segment of the 3rd episode of Doctor Slump.


Arale Norimaki comes back from school while Senbei is playing with Gatchan. Then she says that other girls in the school were surprised when she went to swimming pool because she had a body part missing that other girls have. Then, Senbei complains about television that does not show 'body part'. So he makes a pair of glasses that has ability to see through peoples clothes. After he crashed with Midori, Arale says that the missing 'body part' is belly button.


Character Name Voice Actor
Senbei Norimaki Yūsaku Yara
Arale Norimaki Taeko Kawata
Gatchan Chie Sawaguchi
Midori Yamabuki Yuko Minaguchi
Unnamed Woman (Debut) TBD
The Sun Shinichirō Ōta

Differences from the Original Adaption[]