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Arale Goes to Metropolis Island
Arale goes to M Island
Dr. Slump Arale-chan episode
Episode №: 44
Airdate: February 24th, 1982
Opening: Waiwai World (version 1)
Ending: Ale Ale Arale-chan (version 1)
Japanese Title: アラレちゃん都会島へ行く
Rōmaji: Arare-chan tokai-tō e iku
Manga Counterpart: Metropolis Island: Part 1 and Metropolis Island: Part 2
Previous: Whoa?! Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom
Next: The Devilish Transformation
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Arale Goes to Metropolis Island (アラレちゃん都会島へ行く Arare-chan tokai-tō e iku) is the 44th episode of Dr. Slump Arale-chan.


Senbei, Arale, and Gatchan have gone to Metropolis Island because Senbei gets an offer to be on TV. While Senbei is shooting the TV program, Arale and Gatchan start playing war outside of the studio and they start destroying the whole city...!


Senbei Norimaki is invited by the Metropolis Island TV station SPA19 to show one of his inventions on TV. Suddenly, he remembers rumors stating that the city is particularly scary. Not wanting to return there, he creates Mecha Senbei, a robot that he controls while staying at the Norimaki Residence. After an announcement to the whole Penguin Village that Senbei will be seen on a TV show soon, Mecha Senbei, Arale Norimaki, Gatchan, Chivil, and Oinkety Oink travel to Metropolis Island on Taxi Dragon's back. Upon their arrival, Chivil kills a few people because he thinks there is too much noise. Then, Arale plays with a bus, stating that she has found a big toy. Senbei tells her to throw it, and she throws the bus onto a building, destroying both. Despite stating that has already visited the city when he was a kid, Senbei and his friends are eventually obliged to take a Taxi to find the TV station, which crashes when Arale shows poop on a stick to the driver. Senbei Norimaki, Arale Norimaki, Gatchan, Chivil, and Oinkety Oink continue to search the TV station in Metropolis Island. When three city dwellers mock them, Oinkety Oink tells Gatchan to eat their car. They finally find the station, and Senbei asks the kids to stay outside while he is in the studio. Outside, Arale Norimaki, Gatchan, Chivil, and Oinkety Oink decide to play war. When the TV show rehearsal starts, the inventor from Metropolis Island, Dr. Umashika, shows his creation Hanako, which is similar to an electronic toy. Then, it is Senbei's turn to show his creation. He states that his creation is also a robot that they have already seen it, as it is in fact, Mecha Senbei, a robot he controls from Penguin Village. When the host sees Senbei's invention, Dr. Umashika and Hanako are kicked out of the studio. Shortly later, Senbei loses control over the robot when he punches the control panel due to a fly. Mecha Senbei runs outside and begins to destroy the city with Arale, Gatchan, Chivil, and Oinkety Oink who are playing.