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Attention! Here Comes Arale!
ZZZ Attention Here Comes Arale
Episode 01a
Original Airdate Unknown
Manga Counterpart Unknown

Attention! Here Comes Arale! is the first episode part of the first episode in Dr. Slump Remake series.


This episode mirrors the first episode of the original Dr. Slump series. The episode starts out more akin to


Frankenstein, however. The sky is dark and gloomy, split every now and then by raging lightening. In the lab Senbei nervously attempts to finish his creation. The computer models the beautiful female companion he intends to make. She has flowing blonde hair falling down upon a sexy maid outfit. While looking at the data and computer models there is an eletrical surge and Senbei is blown unconscious. When he wakes, he's greeted by his creation. However, she's not quite what he expected. His beautiful mate turned out as the rather weird child, Arale. Senbei runs his tests affirm what a genuis he is, but she's not quite the perfect android he expected. She ends up requiring glasses, but in other aspects, she's amazing. Arale shows her power to Senbei and blasts a hole in the side of the house. Senbei goes off to town to get some clothes for Arale and tells Arale to stay put.

Arale is too free-spirited and exited to stay at home so she takes off for town slamming straigh


t through the wall on the other side of the house. She plows through Penguin Village unintentionally wreaking havoc on the community. She obliterates Kinoko's house leaving an upset Kinoko in the rubble. She hurls a phonebooth with Suppaman in it down the street. Arale's trail of destruction horrified Akane, Taro and Peasuke, forcing them to flee at full speed on their motorbikes. Gala and Pagos catch the group speeding and take off after them, but the chase is cut short as Arale runs full speed into the pair sending their crusier skyward. Senberi arrives home with new clothes for Arale just in time to catch her arriving home.


  • Episode 001A - Arale's Birth of the original series doesn't show Arale rampaging through the town but it does show Senbei buying clothes for Arale (and looking like a pervert in the process.) While there is no mention of Arale desroying the town on the original, it can be infered that the events are the same, the remake just focused on Arale more than Senbei.
  • The only character not shown in this episode but shown in episode 001A of the original series is Aoi.