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The Barberman (理髪師の男) is a robot created by Senbei Norimaki whose purpose is to give haircuts. The barberman must sing his theme song before he gives a haircut and will often joke around and say that "it's a joke".


Senbei created him because Kurikinton Soramame was not available at the moment at the Soramame Barber Shop and Senbei needed a nice haircut quickly before Arale's teacher came over (which he thought was gonna be Midori but ended up being the principal). Barberman apparently is bad at giving haircuts, as Senbei is disappointed with his haircut and thinks he looks ridiculous.

He later appears at the beginning of the chapter "The Great Strawberry Panties Caper: Part 2". He makes a minor appearance in the anime episode "The Great Space Date Adventure".



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