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Big Boss is the name the top bully in Penguin Village goes by. He has a small follower.


He has a very gorilla-like appearance which he doesn't like to have pointed out.


The Birth of Arale[]

Pick And Lick

The Pick And Lick

Main article: Volume 1: The Birth of Arale
In Arale is Akane!?, big boss and his follower comes across Arale who was disguised as Akane at the time and gets called a gorilla by her. As he tries to intimidate her, he gets frightened instead when Arale takes her head off. After Arale fails to imitate his "Pick-And-Lick", she accidentally punches him into the sky hitting a plane and falling back into the ground. The next morning after Arale and Akane switch back to their respective identities, the real Akane is confused when she is politely greeted at the gate of Penguin Village Middle School by the Big Boss and his assistant.

Special Abilities[]

  • Pick-And-Lick - The ability to pick his nose with his tongue.

Voice Actors[]

  • 1980's Show Latin Dub: Alfonso Ramirez (episode 17).
  • 1980's Show Latin Dub: Armando Réndiz (episode 23-A)
  • 1997's Show Latin Dub: Enrique Mederos.