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Car manga

Kenta Kuraaku's Fiat 500 (Chapter 52)

Cars (車) are vehicles meant for land transportation. They are extremely common vehicles driven by the people of Earth.



The car Senbei made for the Nikos (Chapter 30)

Senbei Norimaki owns several different cars; he is seen driving Arale Norimaki to school in one. Senbei once built a car for King Nikochan, not knowing he was an alien and wanted a vehicle to travel to space instead of a car.

The policemen Gala and Pagos's Police Car(Subaru 360 in original anime, Jaguar Mk2 in remake anime) is regularly destroyed by Arale as a recurring joke in the Dr. Slump series.

Suppaman uses a car while in his secret identity, Kenta Kuraaku. General Blue steals Suppaman's car in Dragon Ball, in order to go to Norimaki Residence and steal a plane.

The Shiverman owns a car that has the shape of a dog.

The car is the vehicle Midori Yamabuki chose for the race organized in the "Penguin Gran Prix" chapters. Midori also owns a Fiat 500(or Abarth 1000TC(Fiat 600-based racing car)in remake anime),[1] like Kenta Kuraaku. She also owns another car such as Classic Mini Cooper S in remake anime.[2]

Rocky, the main protagonis of the spin-off manga Rocky, owns a race car. He is constantly committing speeding with it, but will eventually lose it in a car accident.