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Caramel Man 001 (キャラメルマン1号) is Dr. Mashirito's creation. Caramel Man 001 was his first try at world domination.


Caramel Man 001 is a fairly large robot with a head of Astro Boy. It runs on batteries, and needs a human operator inside of it.


Dr. Mashirito's Ambition[]

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Dr. Mashirito pilots Caramel Man 001

The robot was built by Dr. Mashirito to wreak havoc on Earth, and it can break the Earth with a punch. After learning that Arale Norimaki was stronger than his creation, Dr. Mashirito went to Penguin Village where his robot was indeed easily beaten by Arale. When Mashirito quickly got out of the robot to try to steal Arale's glasses, Caramel Man 001 was eaten by Gatchan.

Grand Finale! Invention Explosion![]

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Caramel Man 001 appearing alongside the fallen Caramel Man

He ends up being rebuilt and makes an appearance in the finale alongside the other defeated Caramel Man and the ghost of Dr. Mashirito.

Other Media[]

Dr. Slump films[]

Hoyoyo! Space Adventure[]

A giant version of Caramel Man 001 is used by Dr. Mashirito in the films final battle and is defeated by Arale.

Video Games[]


Caramel Man 1 in Jump Super Stars



Caramel Man 001 figure

Caramel Man 001 was made into a figure.


  • It has super strength and capable of punching the Earth into Mars and can comically withstand being smashed into Venus. It can also punch that makes a small fissure in the ground similar looking to Arale's Earth-Splitter but not as large scale.


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