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Charmy Yamada is a very dedicated Metropolis Island cop who is transferred to Penguin Village. He is usually seen patrolling on a dirt bike. He is somewhat of a germaphobe, refusing to shake Taro Soramame's hand after Taro says he has not washed it on the day they met and making a disgusted face at Arale Norimaki's poop on a stick.


Dr. Slump[]


Charmy Yamada in the Dr. Slump Arale-chan anime

When he first comes to Penguin Village, Charmy Yamada ends up arresting almost half the town for extremely minor crimes. When Charmy was about to arrest a gorilla for picking his nose, Arale came holding a stick with poop on it. Charmy was scared of her because she was holding poop on a stick and chased him through town into the police station, breaking the walls and letting all of Penguin Village residents free again. After being chased all night, Arale managed to put the poop on Charmy's head since his bike ran out of gas.

Dragon Ball[]

Charmy Yamada along with the rest of the Penguin Village police force get ready to fight General Blue but end up wasting their time shooting down King Nikochan's King Nikochan's spaceship instead.

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