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Discover The Countryside is the 98th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga.


The cover has Aoi Kimidori driving a car while Akane Kimidori sits in the passenger seat, Gatchan and Oinkety Oink sit in the back and Arale sits on the top of the car. Aoi doesn't have her driver's license at this point and doesn't get one until the next chapter Super Driver.


Two girls, Anko and Nonko, come to Penguin Village to enjoy the fresh cool air of the countryside. They meet a farmer, who plays jokes to them. The two girls are very surprised by the naivety of the local not knowing he was joking. They are then surprised to see a pig walking on his two legs. Anko loses her lens after being shocked seeing a living poop, and she is obliged to put her glasses. While Nonko pees outdoor, thinking it is very common in the countryside, Senbei Norimaki mistakes Anko for Arale Norimaki and attacks her, thinking she is doing truancy. Senbei then realizes that it is Sunday and takes Anko to the Norimaki Residence in order to repair her, still thinking she is Arale. While searching for her friend, Nonko meets Arale and mistakes her for Anko. Nonko realizes that Arale is not Anko only when in the plane back to their home.





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