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Donbe (ドンベ) is a shapeshifting fox who likes to cause mischief around Penguin Village.


Dr. Slump[]


Donbe hurt.

In The Story of Donbe, Donbe meets Arale Norimaki when he tries to scare her by turning into a one-eyed monster, but instead, Arale scares him with a funny face.

He is seen once again in Arale's Big Change, as one of the people shocked at Arale's new behavior.

He is seen on a tree with other minor characters, such as Nekotora-7, at the beginning of Penguin Village S.O.S.: Part 2.

Donbe manga

Donbe in Arale's Big Change.

In The Great Arale-Eye Caper: Part 2, Donbe sees Arale, and Senbei Norimaki is watching via the Arale-Eye Caper. As Donbe tries to scare Arale, which did not work on her so Senbei sees it and it scares him badly. He then goes to the Norimaki Residence with Arale and Gatchan.

Donbe is seen playing baseball with Taro Soramame, Akane Kimidori, and Rat in the chapter Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!, before following Arale and Gatchan with the other Penguin Village residents.

Donbe rat dragonball

Donbe and Rat in Dragon Ball

Later in the series, Donbe teaches a panda how to shapeshift. He also has a love interest for a female fox named Kitsuneko.

Dragon Ball[]

Donbe watches Arale racing with the Gatchan's, just before General Blue and Goku arrive in town. He is seen again standing next to Rat when Goku asks if they have seen General Blue, but they both shake their head to say no.

Video game appearance[]


  • Donbe is likely an inspiration for Oolong as well as the Dragon Ball filler character Konkichi.
  • A Red Ribbon Army soldier who looks like Donbe appears in the Dragon Ball episode Bulma's Bad Day.
  • In Chinese and Japanese mythology, huli jing or kitsune are mischievous fox spirits, both good and evil, that often shift-shape into the form of beautiful young women and seduce married men into leaving their wives. This could probably explain Donbe's incorrigible knack for mischief.