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Dr. Mashirito's Ambition Part II
Dr. Slump Arale-chan episode
Episode №: 72
Airdate: September 8, 1982
Opening: Waiwai World (version 2)
Ending: Arale-chan Ondo (version 2)
Japanese Title: Dr.マシリトの野望パートII
Rōmaji: Dokutā Mashirito no yabō pāto tsū
Manga Counterpart: Dr. Mashirito's Ambition: Part 2
Remake Counterpart: Robot Showdown! Emergency Dr. Mashirito Appears
Previous: Dr. Mashirito's Ambition
Next: Penguin Village Wars
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Dr. Mashirito's Ambition Part II (Dr.マシリトの野望パートII Dokutā Mashirito no yabō pāto tsū) is the 72nd episode of Dr. Slump Arale-chan. It is the second segment of a 44-minute two-parter.


Senbei is so excited to have a date with the "World's super star". The rumor circulates all over the village. Everybody is excited to see the "Super star", but once they found out the super star is Dr. Mashirito they start booing him.