This article is for the character Dr. Monster. For the manga chapter, see Dr. Monster (chapter)

Dr. Monster is a criminal that lives in Penguin Village that is a big fan of giant monsters like Godzilla and Gamera.


The Birth of Arale

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Baby Lizard Godzilla

Dr. Monster and his Baby Godzilla

He first appears in Dr. Monster where he is at the Bookstore wanting to buy a Monster Encyclopedia that he doesn't have enough money for and decides to kidnap Arale Norimaki to get ransom money. He lures Arale to his hideout, King Gidora Mansion, with a turtle on a string saying it is Gamera. After Arale stops moving, he calls a doctor. Awhile after Senbei Norimaki finds Arale and fuels her back up with Robovita-A, she writes to him, sending him a lizard saying it is a baby Godzilla and that one day she wants her Gamera to fight his Godzilla.

Arale on the Loose

Dr. Monster appears on the chapter cover of "Arale Flies the Skies!".

Earth S.O.S.!

He is seen in "Arale's Big Change", as one of the people surprised at Arale's sudden change of behavior.

My Toilet Paper

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He is seen among the residents of Penguin Village running after Arale and Gatchan in "Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!"


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