The characters as they appear in the remake.

The Dr. Slump remake, simply titled Dr. Slump, is the second anime adaption which is an alternate retelling of the original Dr. Slump manga.



Dr. Slump characters in the remake

This second series ran for 74 episodes from November 26, 1997, to September 22, 1999. This series gives all of the characters a new design, as well as having references and appearances from the Dragon Ball series. This 1997 series has one film based on it, titled Dr. Slump: Arale's Surprise. On April 7, 2018, a trailer of an English dub for Doctor Slump surfaced on YouTube but was taken down by the user. It is still unknown who made the dub and if other video sharing sites have the trailer.



  • Opening Themes:
  1. "Kao Dekaai" by Funta (eps 1-28)
  2. "Hello, I love you" by YURIMARI (eps 29-61)
  3. "Arale! Parale!" by Dr. Slump All Stars (eps 62-74)
  • Ending Themes:
  1. "Hanage ga Chotto Tobidashiteiru" by Funta (eps 1-33)
  2. "Let me go!" by Favorite Blue (eps 34-45)
  3. "Anata ga Ite Watakushi ga Ite" by Obocchaman-kun (eps 46-74)


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