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Dr. Slump is a PlayStation video game based on the Dr. Slump remake, and released on March 18, 1999. It is an Action/RPG with Arale Norimaki as the main playable character.


Dr. Slump Playstation, despite being based off the remake anime designs, is more faithful to the original Manga's portrayal of the events that happen in-game. The game is divided into seven chapters.

Chaper 1: The birth of Arale[]

Arale is born psx

Arale is born

Arales friends psx

Arale meets her new friends

Just like in the Manga, the game starts with Senbe Norimaki finishing the creation of Arale Norimaki. Arale ends up being nearsighted, so Senbei provides her with glasses and welcomes her into the world. In this tutorial phase, Arale gets a tour of the Norimaki Residence, which in this game is only the living room, Senbei's lab and Arale's bedroom. Eventually, Arale is able to go exploring outside of the house and select parts of Penguin Village. Outside of the Coffee Pot, Arale meets her new friends Akane Kimidori, Taro Soramame, and Peasuke Soramame. Arale learns how to crouch thanks to Akane, and helps her find an earring she dropped on the floor. They become friends thanks to Arale's help. Arale and Akane visit the Coffee Shop and get introduced to Akane's sister Aoi Kimidori. Arale then goes back out to the Soramame Barber Shop in another part of the village to meet the Soramame brother's father, Kurikinton Soramame. Arale finds that Kurikinton is punching Taro as punishment for stealing some money from the shop, and as such learns the ability to punch. Kurikinton tells her about an interesting place called school, and Arale is interested in going. She goes back to Senbei and they both head off to school to initiate Arale as a student. Senbei talks to the Penguin Village Junior High Principal about signing up Arale, and he agrees to register her as a student. The teacher of the class Arale is signed up to, Midori Yamabuki, comes in the office and meets Senbei and Arale. Midori and Arale then go to class for the day with Akane and Peasuke. During recess, Akane runs, and Arale learns that skill for herself. Akane challenges Arale to a race and Arale easily wins, then goes home for the day. Senbei wants Arale to demonstrate some skills she has learned, so she crouches, punches, and runs. For a reward, Senbei introduces her to his newest invention: the Invention Machine. It has the ability to change the controls of Arale for the player's convenience. Senbei is busy afterwards, so Arale goes back outside to play.

Invention machine

The invention machine

She meets Akane and she tells Arale that she thinks Taro is weak. Arale is confused and leaves to go ask Taro herself if he is weak, Of course, this makes him angry since Akane was backtalking him. Arale then tells Akane she asked Taro, which she is not keen on. She tells Arale to run back to see what Taro is scheming, but then the police officers Gala and Pagos tell Arale to stop since she was going over the speed limit. She proceeds to run back to their police car and destroys it, amusing Akane. Akane has an idea, and gets Arale to bring Peasuke and Taro to the school. Taro goes, but Peasuke does not. Akane tells Taro about how Arale busted a car and threatens Taro that if he was to do anything to her, Arale would retaliate since they were best friends. Scared, Taro rewards Arale with a key so they also can be best friends. Arale curiously uses the key in the Principal's office locker and finds a dirty magazine, which the principal swears is not his. Arale shows the book to Midori, which startles her and she takes it away to put back in the locker. Arale nags it again, since the principal had left, and shows it to Taro. He reveals that the magazine was his, and the teacher took it from him. He wants it back, but Arale refuses and leaves to show Senbei the dirty book. Senbei takes it and the key from her since she should not be carrying those things around, and because he is interested in the contents of the book. He makes Arale leave so he can indulge.

Mr time psx

The Time Slipper

Pig cheetah psx

A "monster" on The Hills

Arale meets with Akane and Taro back at the school where it seems Peasuke has gone missing. Taro is apparently being bullied since his short brother was on the baseball team, so he went hiding. Arale finds him and goes to show the others, but before they come back, Peasuke had left. Arale goes to ask Midori if she knows where he went, and she says that he might have went to the hills. Arale asks her where they are, but the teaher refuses since she thinks it's dangerous and that monsters live there. Arale leaves and learns where the hills are from the police officers, going there promptly. She finds Peasuke, who is doing special training to improve himself for baseball. Arale tells him that she was told monsters lived up there, and she pokes bushes to find monsters, which are cheetah-printed pigs. She punts them around for her amusement and goes back to Peasuke who enjoyed the display. He shows her his special training, which is a sliding move that can help him reach home base for baseball. As such, Arale also learns how to do some sliding herself. Thanks to Peasuke's special training, he won the game for the baseball team and he is praised by his friends, which makes him feel better. They say their farewells and Arale goes back home to find that Senbei had finished a new invention: the Time Slipper.

Dinosaur boss taunts arale

The Dinosaur boss

Gatchan psx

Gatchan hatches

Senbei tells her that it is a time machine that can send her back in time, and all it needs is a smooth surface to slip on, thus time slipping. Arale goes back to the prehistoric age with Time Slipper to have some fun. A pterodactyl flies down to Arale and tells her that their eggs have gone missing, so Arale ventures around the plains to find where the eggs could be. She retrieves all the hidden eggs for the dinosaur. Arale goes out further into the ancient grounds to find who the culprit of the egg snatching could be. She finds the cave of the egg thief on the top of lava falls and confronts them. It turns out to be a tyrannosaurus rex, who is mad that she returned the eggs back. He tries to crush her in battle, but Arale easily defeats him with her sliding maneuver. The dinosaur gives up, bribing Arale off with a big egg of some kind that looks more like a capsule to forgive them. She leaves and shows Senbei the "egg". It hatches almost instantly, giving birth to Gatchan. Arale is happy she made a new friend, and Senbei is not as amused to now have two children in his household.

Chapter 2: Dr. Mashirito appears[]


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