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Hoyoyo Bomber

Dr. Slump Arale is a series of three handheld games based on the Dr. Slump series. They were developed by Animest (Popy Electronics), and released in Japan in 1982 by Bandai. The three games are very similar to Game & Watch games, like the Dr. Slump Penguin Village games.

Dr. Slump Arale Part I: Hoyoyo Bomber[]

Hoyoyo Bomber is the first Dr. Slump video game ever made. It was released in three different color styles: white & red, black & white, and black & gold. It is a duel between Arale Norimaki and Senbei Norimaki in which the player controls Arale on a tree and must throw bombs at Senbei from above while he is moving and attacking from below. Gatchan also makes appearances.

Dr. Slump Arale Part II: Gatchan Kazi Kazi[]


Gatchan Kazi Kazi

Gatchan Kazi Kazi came in two different colors: white & red, and black & white.

Dr. Slump Arale Part III: Ncha! Bycha[]

Ncha! Bycha was released in three different color styles: white & red, black & white, and white & blue. In this game, several characters comes out of their home or vehicle (Senbei, Kinoko Sarada, King Nikochan, Taro Soramame, Suppaman, or Chivil) and Arale and Gatchan have to move fast enough to greet them before they get angry and punch Arale.


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