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List of times Dr.Slump have been released in the U.S. official or not

  1. 1985 Harmony Gold made a pilot dub of the 1981 anime and attempted to pitch it
  2. 2001 Arale appeared on American tv for the first time on Dragon Ball (Funimation Dub)
  3. 2004 Viz media license the Dr.Slump manga
  4. Figures and other items had been imported over the years and sold at import shops and conventions.
  5. 2013 Discotech released a DVD of the original films
  6. 2017 KingMation Productions planned to release a English fan dub, but it was confirmed to be lost. As of 2020, Kingmation is planning to release the first movie and two dubbed episodes, also saying in their official YouTube channel that "December 2020 is the month for a lot of content."
  7. 2018 Arale appeared on American tv again (Super Dragon Ball Funimation Dub)