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Dr. Umashika in the manga

Dr. Umashika is a famous inventor from Metropolis Island.


Dr. Umashika is shown to be a bit self-centered and considers himself an "over-whelming genius", even though his inventions seem to be a bit stupid. He was invited to be on a TV show to show one of his inventions. The invention he brought is a "super robot" named Hanako, which first made a sensation due to the charisma of its creator. Yet, the doctor and his creation are kicked out of the TV studio after the host saw Mecha Senbei, the invention Senbei Norimaki brought.[1]

In the remake Anime, Dr. Umashika repays his failure by framing Senbei as "an evil professor who tried to conquer the Earth" in TV show, when Mecha Senbei went on a rampage in Metropolis Island due to Senbei's mistake.