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Dragon Ball

After the Dr. Slump manga ended, the characters of Dr. Slump returned for an extended cameo in Akira Toriyama's next manga and anime series Dragon Ball (chapters 70-73, volume 7). Arale Norimaki and Goku briefly team up to help Goku defeat General Blue during the General Blue Saga. Suppaman also makes a brief cameo, trying to stop General Blue. When General Blue proves his strength Suppaman promptly begs for forgiveness for his earlier taunts (he tried to show off being strong by breaking 3 bricks with one punch, which also hurts his hand. General Blue then promptly lifts and crushes a phone booth effortlessly). Arale Norimaki also makes a smaller cameo in the third Dragon Ball movie, Mystical Adventure. The manga cameo showed a distinct change in the author's art style by that time, making Arale Norimaki and the gang look somewhat bloated.

Dr. Slump cameos[]


Arale in a poster in the background in Bulma's Capsule House

Arale appears on a poster in Bulma's capsule house on the second episode of Dragon Ball titled "The Emperor's Quest". In the third Dragon Ball Z movie, The Tree of Might and fourth movie Lord Slug she appears as a picture on Gohan's wall. In the first 2 volumes, Bulma and Pilaf both refer to Penguin Village and Dr Slump. In Volume 3, Suppaman, Midori Norimaki, Senbei and Arale can be seen near the Budokai registration booth. Similarly, in Episode 139 of the Dragon Ball Z Japanese version, the original Dr Slump theme song is used as Capsule Corp's telephone waiting music.

Dragon Ball cameos in Dr. Slump[]


Akane and Arale playing a Dragon Ball Z video game

In one episode of the 1997 anime, Arale and Akane are seen playing a Dragon Ball Z video game with Akane playing as Goku and Arale playing as Vegeta. Akane ends up winning the game.


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