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Gadzooks! Two Gatchans!? is the 168th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga series.


Mashirito is confused, he doesn’t understand how gatchan could have eaten his way out of Caramel Man 007’s rubber jaw. Ignoring this mystery, he re-opens Caramel Man 007’s mouth to capture gatchan. Then, the other gatchan who had been trapped in the previous chapter, flies out of Caramel Man 007’s mouth. Mashirito rubs his eyes in disbelief, he didn’t know there were two gatchans. Mashirito reprimands himself for not keeping up to date with the manga series. The author of the manga, along with his assistant, appears to plug volumes 1-14 of the manga. Mashirito blasts both of them with Caramel Man 007’s bazooka. Meanwhile, the gatchans set up a machine. The gatchans and their strange machine frighten Mashirito who runs to hide behind a tree. The gatchans finish setting up their karaoke machine and start singing. Mashirito rushes back, snatches the microphone from the gatchans and starts singing “Whirligig Beetle Girl”. As he really gets into the song, a blast from Caramel Man 007 hits him. The gatchans had distracted Mashirito with karaoke to steal his remote control. They then use it to control Caramel Man 007, making him stomp Mashirito into the ground. Then, they make Caramel Man 007 fly high into the sky before exploding. The gatchans bring Senbei from home to retrieve Arale and Obotchaman for repairs. At night, Mashirito resurrects himself using tools, he is now the half-machine Caramel Man 008.

Volume 14: The Indestructible Caramel Man 007!
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