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Gala is a police officer in Penguin Village. He and his partner Pagos constantly have their squad car inadvertently destroyed by Arale Norimaki whenever she runs through town.


Wonder Island[]


Gala, Pagos, and Gyaosu in Wonder Island 2

Gala is based off of a character who appeared in the one-shot Wonder Island 2 alongside early versions of Pagos and Gyaosu working as police officers in "Los Anguiris, Cauliflower" (a parody of Los Angeles, California).

Dr. Slump[]

The Birth of Arale[]

DrSlump-Episode001 289

Gala and Pagos crashing into Arale

In Arale-chan's Birth, the anime adaptation of The Birth of Arale!, Gala and Pagos take the place of the unnamed citizen whose car Arale smashes when she walks into the street, setting up the long-running gag.

DrSlump-Episode001 576

Gala and Pagos injured at the police station

In Here Comes Arale, Gala sees Taro Soramame, Peasuke Soramame, Akane Kimidori and Arale driving by on scooters while Pagos was writing someone a ticket and pull them over because they are only in middle school, and cannot legally operate their vehicles. He and Pagos are seen to have been injured by Arale when Senbei Norimaki ends up having to pick the kids up at the Penguin Village Police Station.

In My Friend, Mr. Bear!!, the anime adaptation of Bearly Friends!, Gala and Pagos replace the unnamed police officer that talks to Arale and Aoi Kimidori when they are peeking over the wall of the Bear Owner's house.

Arale runs through their car at the beginning of "Is It a Girl? Is It a Boy!?" so fast that they didn't see her coming but rightly assumed it was "the girl with the glasses".

Arale on the Loose[]

He appears in the "Arale on the Loose" chapters, and "The Lovely Trio".

Monsters' Night[]

In the chapter "Untouchable", it is them who try to destroy Arale's car, but they fail miserably.

My Toilet Paper[]

In "Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!", Gala and Pagos follow Arale and Gatchan thinking Arale is preparing something because she does not destroy their car, while she is in fact bringing ice cream to the Norimaki Residence.

Other Media[]

Dragon Ball[]

Gala dragonball

Gala in Dragon Ball

In the General Blue Saga, he helps Pagos and Taro try to arrest General Blue, but they end up failing. Gala later gets with the rest of the Penguin Village Police Force, and they end up shooting King Nikochan's spaceship down. He is voiced FUNimation's English dub by Justin Pate or Kyle Hebert. He appears at the beginning of Dragon Ball Super episode 69 along with Pagos where they once again get their car destroyed by Arale running through it.

Dr. Slump remake[]


Pagos and Gala in the Dr. Slump remake

In the 1997 remake of Dr. Slump, Gala is similar as in his previous appearance, except that he wears a police helmet more often than a police hat.

Video Games[]


  • Gala and Pagos were named after Galápagos Islands and his name is likely a pun on the Ultra Q monster Garamon, who he somewhat resembles.

Voice Actors[]


  • 1981 Anime: Isamu Tanonaka
  • 1997 Anime: Nobuhiko Kazama

Latin America:

  • 1980's Show and 1997's Show: Roberto Mendiola.
  • Dragon Ball (The Second dub): Paco Mauri.


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