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Gamera is a fictional kajiū from the Japanese monster movie of the same name that is referenced and appears many times throughout the Dr. Slump series.


The Birth of Arale[]

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Gamera in Dr. Monster's daydream

Gamera first appears on the chapter cover of "Dr. Monster". He appears in Arale Norimaki's fantasy when the kajiū specialist Dr. Monster gives her a normal turtle and calls it Gamera to lure her to his hideout in order to kidnap her to get money for a giant monster encyclopedia. In that chapter's anime adaptation The Mysterious Dr. Monster?!, Gamera and Godzilla both appear in a daydream by Dr. Monster.

While not actually appearing in Is It a Girl? Is It a Boy!?, One of the names Arale wanted to name Gatchan was Gamera but decided to name it Gadzilla a name combining both Godzilla and Gamera.

Arale on the Loose[]

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Later, the actual Gamera makes appearances in the Dr. Slump series, flying in the sky in "A Far and Distant Seashore".

The Happy Doctor[]

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In "Penguin Village S.O.S.: Part 1", he tells Godzilla and Nekotora-7 about Dodongadon's arrival in Penguin Village. He is seen flying in outer space in "Zippity-Doo Doctor".

Monsters' Night[]

Gamera manga

Gamera in the Dr. Slump manga

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In "The Great Arale-Eye Caper: Part 1", he appears along with King Ghidorah and Godzilla as they go to the Norimaki Residence to play with Gatchan. In "Kinoko on the Loose", he meets Kinoko Sarada and lights her cigarette with his Fire Breath. Gamera is seen among Arale's classmates in "The Big-City Student".

My Toilet Paper[]

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Gamera appears in a giant size at the beginning of the chapter "Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!"

Penguin Grand Prix[]

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Miss. Akiko sings a lullaby about Gamra in the chapter "Leave It to Akiko".

Other Media[]

Dragon Ball[]

Nejishiki gamera dragonball

Gamera and Nejishiki making faces in Dragon Ball

Master Roshi owns a flying turtle called Baby Gamera. The Gamera from Dr. Slump is seen playing with Nejishiki and some strange looking monster people while General Blue stops at the Phone Booth where he met Suppaman. Gamera makes funny faces at General Blue with Nejishiki and the other monsters.

Special Abilities[]

  • Fire Breathing

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