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General Blue is the most powerful soldier of the Red Ribbon Army.


Dragon Ball[]

General Blue stole Goku's Dragon Balls and was chased to Penguin Village where he crashed his plane. Having to hide from Goku, he went into town and ended up stealing Suppaman's car. After driving the car for a while, it broke down where Obotchaman came by and helped him fix it. After being tired of how slow the car was driving, he got out and Taro, Gala and Pagos tried to arrest him. He took all their guns and smashed them all into a ball with his bare hands and took the police car, leaving them in shock. While driving the police car, Arale ran into it and pushed it off the road, breaking it. When he got up, he saw Arale standing their offering to give him some poop to eat which he rejected. When he made it to Senbei's house to take his plane, he ended up finding Goku and Arale there. He stunned Goku with his telekinesis and tried to kill him with a (sharpened) tree, but Arale who took him off guard, defeating him easily and sent him flying to Egypt. When General Blue got back to the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, he was killed by Taopaipai.

Dr. Slump remake[]

General blue remake

General Blue in the remake

In the 1997 remake, General Blue comes to Penguin Village after another member of the Red Ribbon Army named Sergeant Major Purple failed. General Blue teams up with Sergeant Purple, but fails as well.


  • General Blue was attracted to Obotchaman in the original Japanese version. However, in the FUNimation Dub, they made General Blue mistake Obotchaman for his long lost brother Samuel, possibly to avoid implications of pedophilia and homosexuality.
  • General Blue, who was defeated by the main protagonist of Dr. Slump, Arale Norimaki, has the exact same character design as Dertze Kibalt, the final antagonist in Dr. Slump.

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