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Gengoro island manga

Gengoro Island in the Dr. Slump manga

Gengoro Island is the island Penguin Village is located on. According to the series universe, Gengoro Island is also Japan. In the special chapter "Kick the Can", Senbei Norimaki is seen running all over a map of Gengoro Island searching through the other towns of Gengoro Island for Arale Norimaki and Gatchan. The various locations noted on the map other than Penguin Village are:

  • Dumbtown
  • Needwife
  • Overthere
  • Mountain
  • Land I
  • Bigshore
  • Nowheresville
  • Bigtown
  • Poop
  • Station
  • Boonyville
  • Fartown
  • Harbor
  • ABC