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Godzilla is a famous Japanese movie monster and the main character of his own franchise. He has been referenced and appears many times throughout the Dr. Slump series.


Wonder Island[]


Pagos wearing a Godzilla costume in Wonder Island

Godzilla is first mentioned in one of Akira Toriyama's one-shot Wonder Island 2. Gyaosu, Gala and Pagos play war between Ultraman and Godzilla while waiting for the new inspector they summoned at their police office, with Pagos disguised as Godzilla.

Dr. Slump[]

The Birth of Arale[]

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Godzilla in Dr. Monster's daydream

He is first appears on the chapter cover of "Dr. Monster". He appears on the cover of the "Everyman's Monster Encyclopedia Deluxe" that Dr. Monster wanted. Arale gives Professor Monster a lizard and says it is a baby Godzilla, the same way he did to Arale with Gamera. In that chapter's anime adaptation The Mysterious Dr. Monster?!, Godzilla and Gamera both appear in a daydream by Dr. Monster.

While not actually appearing in Is It a Girl? Is It a Boy!?, Arale wanted to name Gatchan Godzilla but decided to name it Gadzilla a name combining both Godzilla and Gamera.

Earth S.O.S.![]

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Godzilla later makes an appearance in the series in the chapter "Scoundrel in a Skirt!", flying in the sky while firing his atomic breath.

The Happy Doctor[]

Main article: Volume 4: The Happy Doctor
In "Penguin Village S.O.S.: Part 1", Gamera tells Godzilla and Nekotora-7 about Dodongadon's arrival in Penguin Village.

Monsters' Night[]

Main article: Volume 5: Monsters' Night
In "The Great Arale-Eye Caper: Part 1", he appears in along with King Ghidorah and Gamera as they go to the Norimaki Residence to play with Gatchan. Godzilla is seen among Arale's classmates in "The Big-City Student".

Penguin Grand Prix[]

Main article: Volume 8: Penguin Grand Prix
It makes other cameo in "Penguin Gran Prix, Part 1" and "Discover The Countryside".

Other Media[]

The Adventures of Tongpoo[]


Godzilla in The Adventures of Tongpoo

The small Godzilla from Dr. Slump makes a cameo appearance in Toriyama's later manga The Adventures of Tongpoo, when the Sun rises in the morning.

Dragon Ball[]


Godzilla in Dragon Ball

Godzilla briefly appears on TV in the second Dragon Ball episode, "The Emperor's Quest". Later in the series, when Porunga is summoned in West City, one of the citizens wonders if it is Godzilla.

Special Abilities[]

  • Breathes an Atomic Ray


  • The cover of the guidebook Dr. Monster wanted stated that Godzilla had a lover at one point.


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