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Goku and Arale's Great Pinch at School!
R 57
Dr. Slump Remake episode
Episode №: 57
Airdate: April 14, 1999
Japanese Title: 悟空君アラレの学校で大ピンチ!
Rōmaji: Gokuu-kun Arale no Gakkou de Dai Pinch!
Manga Counterpart: ?
Original Anime Counterpart: ?
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Goku and Arale's Great Pinch at School is the 57th episode of the Dr. Slump remake.



The students in their underwear waiting in line for their physical

Ninja Murasaki recruits King Nikochan and his assistant to help him take the Dragon Balls from Goku. Goku currently attends the Penguin Village school being in the same class as Arale, Peasuke and Akane with Daigoro Kurigashira as their teacher. Murasaki disguises himself as a doctor with the Nikochans disguised as nurses to tell the school's Headmaster that they need to all the students to have physicals.

All the students are forced to strip down to their underwear and wait in the hallway for their check ups. While this is going on, the Nikochans steal the Dragon Balls from the classroom and runoff which then Murasaki gets out of his disguise and runs with them out.


Arale helps Goku fight the Murasaki Brothers

Goku and Arale chase them and Goku fights the Murasaki Brothers with assistance from Arale and win, taking the Dragon Balls back and the Nikochans giving up their position in the Red Ribbon Army.