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Gyaosu is the police chief of the Penguin Village Police Force.


Wonder Island[]


The character Gyaosu was based off of in Wonder Island

An early version of Gyaosu first appeared in the one-shot Wonder Island 2, as the police chief of "Los Anguiris, Caulifower" (a takeoff of Los Angeles, California), and the boss of early versions of Gala and Pagos. He summons Detective Harry Senbon, the "top shooter in the world", at the Los Anguiris police office for a vital mission. While waiting for his arrival, the chief and his men play war between Ultraman and Godzilla. When Harry arrives, the chief asks him to stop a dangerous criminal who said that he was "an old bald cross between Astro Boy and King Kong", and who is now taking refuge on Wonder Island. The characters in Wonder Island were later reused in Dr. Slump.

Dr. Slump[]

The Birth of Arale[]

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DrSlump-Episode001 578

Gyaosu holding Arale and her friends at the station

Gyaosu appears in Here Comes Arale! when Senbei Norimaki had to go to the Penguin Village Police Station to pick up Arale Norimaki after her and her new friends Akane Kimidori, Taro Soramame and Peasuke Soramame got in trouble with Gala and Pagos after her first day of school.

Arale on the Loose[]

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The Old Woman Spring wants Gyaosu's microphone

Later, Gyaosu leads the Penguin Village Police Force when the Bank Robber holds hostages in the Soramame Barber Shop. Gyaosu keeps telling Polly Buckets to not shoot the building when Kurikinton shoots Gyaosu in the head. The Penguin Village Police Force arrest the bank robber thinking the shot was from him.

Earth S.O.S.![]

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Gyaosu is seen again in Citizen Arale when Arale is being a good citizen and constantly gives the police everything in Penguin Village saying it is lost.

Other Media[]

Dragon Ball[]

Gyaosu is told by Taro Soramame that the someone from the Red Ribbon Army is in town. He and the rest of the police force get armed up to take him on. They begin to head out but then get distracted and waste their time taking out King Nikochan's spaceship instead.

Video Games[]

Voice Actors[]


  • 1980 Show: Koji Totani
  • 1997 Show: Bin Shimada

Latin American Dubs:

  • 1980 Show: Alfonso Ramirez
  • 1997 Show: Abel Rocha
  • Dragon Ball (The Best known dub): Armando Réndiz.



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