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The Long Forgotten English Dub was a dub by Harmony Gold USA that attempted to bring Dr. Slump & Arale-Chan to English speaking countries in 1984. They changed the title to Dr. Slump Show, edited scenes, and renamed every character except Arale. They showed a trailer of the dub, but it was never picked up. Harmony Gold also dubbed the first five episodes of Dragon Ball, along with the 1st and 3rd film, the latter of which, Mystical Adventure, incorporated material from Dr. Slump in its story.

Name Changes[]

Voice Cast[]

It should be noted that the following cast list is fan speculation from Crystal Acids.

Character Original English
Arale Norimaki Mami Koyama Lara Cody (Arale Slump)
Senbei Norimaki Kenji Utsumi Unknown (Dr. Slump)
Midori Yamabuki Mariko Mukai Wendee Lee (Tammy le Fox)
Akane Kimidori Kazuko Sugiyama Kris Noel Pearson (Sandy)
Taro Soramame Toshio Furukawa Arlene Banas (Butch)
Pisuke Soramame Naomi Jinbo Robin Levenson (Buddy)
Mr. Pig Masaharu Satō Ted Lehmann (P.A. Pig)
Pagos Robert Axelrod (Cop 1)
Gara Isamu Tanonaka Bryan Cranston (Cop 2)
Tori Bryan Cranston (Pencil Fowl)
Principal Masaharu Satō Mike Reynolds
Frankenstein Unknown Robert V. Barron
Female Student Wendee Lee

Additional English Voices[]

  • Robert Axelrod (Frog)
  • Robert V. Barron (Coach 2, Polar Bear)
  • Bryan Cranston (Coach 1, Rooster)

Episode Changes[]

  • "Arale is Born!!" title card is cut out.
  • Mr. Pig talks directly to the audience, welcoming them to the "Dr. Slump Show" and introduces Senbei as "the one and only, Dr. Slump".
  • A location shot of the Norimaki Residence is rather poorly jump-cut, likely due to the mailbox having Japanese kanji.
  • Senbei makes a callout to Frankenstein while basking in his genius.
  • Arale getting her eyes tested and receiving her glasses is cut entirely.
  • Senbei leaving and going to the The Store is cut entirely.
  • Another shot of the Norimaki Residence when Arale and Senbei go outside is cut.
  • When Aoi asks for Arale's name, Senbei tells Arale that her name will come to her instead of stuttering the name out.
  • The eyecatcher is cut.
  • Arale and Senbei putting on their pajamas to go to bed is cut.
  • Mr. Pig drives around advertising a "fire sale store" .
  • Arale supposedly feeds Senbei red pepper soaked in tabasco sauce to wake him up instead of a grenade.
  • A location shot of the principal's office in Penguin Village Middle School is cut (the sign is Japanese kanji).
  • A location shot of a classroom sign is cut (the sign is Japanese Kanji).
  • Midori introducing Arale to the class is cut entirely.
  • Arale meeting Akane is cut entirely.
  • Arale solving math problems is cut entirely.
  • A location shot of the classroom sign for the science lab is cut (the sign is Japanese Kanji).
  • Taro and Peasuke getting a drink from the juice dispenser is cut entirely.
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