Cute Delivery Boy from Hell is the 69th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga.


West of Penguin Village, there is a volcano called Mount FlapFlap from which a small once came out riding a flying dragon, Chivil on Taxi Dragon. Chivil goes to the village and finds Bubibinman, who is collecting and eating poop. The small demon attacks Bubibinman, but the superhero survives, thinking the explosion came from the giant poop he was eating. Chivil is then remarked by Gatchan, who begins following him due to their similarities. While returning to their home after school, Akane Kimidori and Arale Norimaki see the two flying babies together. Arale asks Gatchan who the young demon is, to which Gatchan responds that he is a friend. Chivil then offers to kill Akane, as he earns more money for a young lady's soul. Akane refuses and scares him with an angry face before leaving the kids. Chivil then offers to kill Arale, and she accepts. He tries to hang her but she does not die since she is an android.

Dr. Slump vol. 6 chapters
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