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Hiyoko is Peasuke Soramame's much taller girlfriend who is two grades below him.


Hiyoko is very tall for her age, has long black hair and wears a pink dress. Ironically, Peasuke is very short for his age.


Monsters' Night[]

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Hiyoko in the manga

She first appears in Peasuke's First Love where she was shrunken down really small after being hit by Senbei's Big-Small Ray Gun when Arale tried to make her small for Peasuke. However, she makes her too small. When she is just about to be attacked by a bug, Peasuke saves her with his Peasuke Kick.

Dr. Mashirito's Ambition[]

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Hiyoko Cat Riding Hood

Hiyoko as Little Cat Riding Hood in Peasuke's fantasy

She appears in A Masterpiece!? Little Cat Riding Hood, the anime adaptation of Little Cat Riding Hood, in Peasuke's fantasy where she is dressed as Little Cat Riding hood when Akane Kimidori tries to convince both him and Taro to be in here movie saying that someone cute that they won't expect is going to be the leading unaware that it is actually Senbei Norimaki.

My Toilet Paper[]

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She is seen with Peasuke among the Penguin Village residents who run after Arale and Gatchan in the chapter "Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!"


Hiyoko marries Peasuke sometime in the future and they have a son named Poosuke Soramame.[1]

Other Media[]

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  • Her name translates to Chick, being a pun on a bird as well as a slang term for a girl.