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Huh?! Is it a Boy? Is it a Girl?
Dr. Slump Arale-chan episode
Episode №: 4a
Airdate: May 6th, 1981
Opening: Waiwai World (version 1)
Japanese Title: おや?!男の子?女の子?
Rōmaji: Oya?! Otoko no ko? Onna no ko?
Manga Counterpart: Is It a Girl? Is It a Boy!?
Previous: What's with the Egg?!
Next: Gatchan the Courier
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Huh?! Is it a Boy? Is it a Girl? (おや?!男の子?女の子? Oya?! Otoko no ko? Onna no ko?) is the first segment of the 4th episode of Dr. Slump Arale-chan.


A baby has hatched from the egg, and Arale names the baby "Gatchan". Gatchan eats everything such as a bottle or a desk or even a house!



Senbei shocked that the baby eats the pipe.

After school is over, Arale runs out of class and destroys Gala and Pagos's police car on accident again on her way home. At the house, she finds Senbei wearing a mouse hat, making funny faces to entertain the newfound baby.

Trying to find a way to feed the baby, Senbei calls Aoi and asks for her breasts, but Aoi yells back making Senbei's phone explode. Senbei and Arale decide to buy some milk from a store instead. When back at the house, Senbei sees that the baby bit into the table and then sees Arale feeding it a steel pipe discovering that it eats metal.


Senbei shocked to find out that the baby has wings.

Senbei tries to use Gatchan to sharpen a pencil. But instead, it just took a bite. Later on, Senbei throws the baby up to make him happy, Arale tries and accidentally throws him high into the sky. Senbei and Arale then get to the top of the roof to watch for it to come down and catch him. They miss catching it and the baby falls into the ground still alive with no reaction.

Senbei takes the baby with him for a bath and is joined by Arale. In the bath, they find out that the baby has wings and that it can fly. Also that they can't determine it's gender. When they got ready for bed Senbei agreed that they can keep it and Arale names it Gadzilla but names him Gatchan for short.





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