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Joe Dunn is a bank robber that makes recurring appearances in Dr. Slump, and who is frightened by Arale Norimaki.


Arale on the Loose[]

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Bank robber manga

Bank robber trying to hold Gatchan as a hostage

In his first appearance, the bank robber accidentally robs the Penguin Village Police Station instead of the Penguin Village Bank. Arale and Gatchan meet him who he tries to use them as hostages. He freaks out and runs away when he finds out that bullets do not hurt Arale and that Gatchan can eat his gun.

He appears again where he takes everyone into the Soramame Barber Shop as hostages. When he fires at the police, Kurikinton criticizes his bad aim and Kurikinton shoots Gyaosu right in the forehead blaming it on the bank robber.

Earth S.O.S.![]

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Bank robber manga 3

Bank robber cheering with King Nikochan

The bank robber appears again next to King Nikochan and his assistant where they look happy to hear the news of Arale becoming normal from the Mole Cricket. He and the Niko's are seen again disappointed when Arale gets back to her weird self.[1]

Monsters' Night[]

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The bank robber is next seen hiring the Shiverman to kill Arale, but the Shiverman fails.[2] He is seen among the residents of Penguin Village running after Arale and Gatchan in "Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!."

Other Media[]

Dr. Slump: Arale-chan[]

In How Exciting! School Panic, he appears at Penguin Village High School and is defeated by Tsururin Tsun.


  • The bank robbers gun is a Soviet Makarov PM 9x18mm semi-automatic pistol.