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The K-9 Robot (K-9ロボット) is a robotic dog created by Senbei Norimaki for the purpose of tracking people by scent.


The Birth of Arale[]

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K-9 Robot Scent

K-9 Robot sniffing Arale's panties

The K-9 Robot is invented in the chapter "Dr. Monster" as a way to locate Arale Norimaki after she ran off forgetting to refuel on Robovita-A. He tracks down Arale by using her scent from a pair of her panties with him question why he's sniffing a robot's underwear.

Monsters' Night[]

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The K-9 Robot is seen playing with the Boxe Game characters and Mr. Time when Trampire enters the Norimaki Residence at night in the chapter "Monsters' Night".