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Kanta is a junior high school student who is the main protagonist in Akira Toriyama's Today's Highlight Island manga.


Kanta is a greedy boy with an aggressive temperament.


Today's Highlight Island[]

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Kanta in front of the doctor

He is late for school and when he arrives it is already the lunch time. After entering and eating inside the cafeteria pot, Kanta suddenly suffers from a toothache. One of his classmates leads Kanta to a doctor, Dr. Goat, who finds lots of insects nibbling Kanta's teeth, like a cockroach, a dragonfly, or a grasshopper. Then, instead of treating the boy in a regular manner, Dr. Goat tries original experiments to snatch the tooth, which makes Kanta suffer more than before. The boy beats the doctor after every attempt that makes him suffer. After many adventures, Kanta comes back to school and decides not to eat. Shortly after, his tooth falls. Happy, Kanta eats everything he can and becomes obese. His comrades take him to Dr. Goat again, but the doctor refuses to treat the bully, being mad at him for the beating he received the last time.

Dr. Slump[]

The Birth of Arale[]

Middle School Clubs Manga

Kanta in the crowd of Middle School clubs

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He appears in "Which Will It Be?" among a crowd of many of the club captain's of Penguin Village Middle School trying to recruit Arale Norimaki into their club.