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King Kong is a giant ape originally from the King Kong franchise. He makes a few appearances in Dr. Slump.


Wonder Island[]

King Kong is first mentioned in one of Akira Toriyama's manga in Wonder Island, when Gyaosu reports that a dangerous criminal said that he was "an old bald cross between Astro Boy and King Kong."

Dr. Slump[]

King kong teddybear

King Kong nursing a teddy bear

Using the Fairy Tale Machine, Arale Norimaki and Gatchan enter a book title The Great Adventure of King Kong, taking the Shiverman with them. There, King Kong catches the Shiverman who is falling from a cliff, saving his life, and adopts him as his child. In the anime adaption, this King Kong is renamed "Queen Kong".

King Kong mocking Kenta

King Kong mocks Kenta

When Kenta Kuraku makes a fraudulent news report, he dresses himself up in a gorilla suit to impersonate King Kong. He attacks small model toys of cars and buildings to make it seem King Kong is attacking a city. However, the real King Kong appears over him and his camera man, casting a large shadow they thought was a cloud. When Kenta watches his news report at home, he sees King Kong mocking his pathetic display from afar.

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