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King Nikochan (ニコチャン大王 Nikochan Daiō) is the evil king of the Niko's, an evil, but an inferior, race of aliens. Comically, despite the fact that he is an alien, he speaks in Nagoya dialect in the Japanese version while his servant does not.


Dr. Slump[]

King Nikochan and his servant came to Earth after years of trying to find a planet weak enough to conquer. He comes in when he tries to conquer the Earth and finds Arale Norimaki and Gatchan. He blows up Mars trying to get their attention, but the duo plays around the ship carelessly. Gatchan then eats their spaceship and leaving them to float into space, then all the way back to Earth. King Nikochan asks Senbei Norimaki for a ship and he builds a car since he thought they were tourists, not aliens.


King Nikochan in the final episode of Dr. Slump Arale-chan.

King Nikochan and his servant make a cameo in Arale Goes on an Errand when Arale asks the king if he knows what is a bra.

They hear about Senbei's spaceship in The Happy Doctor and try to steal it, but the king ends in the toilet thinking it was the ship.

In Sad, Sad Santa, Senbei visits their temporary residence; seeing Niko's letter for Santa Claus, he gives an autograph with a spaceship drawn.

King Nikochan and his servant appear in Kick the Can with the other residents of Penguin Village, and they ask Akira Toriyama if he would give them a spaceship if they win the game.

In Monsters' Night, the king and his servant enter the Norimaki Residence at night to steal a rocket that Senbei was building, but their plan backfire since Trampire and her follower entered the rocket as well.

King Nikochan also makes brief appearances in My Toilet Paper and The Biggest Bye'cha of All: Part One, and Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!

In Stone Age Ho-Yo-Yo, he uses an airplane while the chapter takes place in the stone age. He wants to conquer Earth but crashes into a pterodactyl.


King Nikochan afraid that the cops are onto him.

Senbei, Arale, and Gatchan end up in his body after dislodging a deadly mosquito inside Midori Yamabuki in Mammoth Midori: Part 2.

King Nikochan wants to appear on TV while his servant works as a journalist in The Ho-yo-yo Gang, Part 2.

He is a contestant with his servant in the race organized in the Penguin Gran Prix chapters, using a stroller as his vehicle.

King Nikochan and his servant join Dr. Mashirito's army in Penguin Village Wars, Part 2.

Later on in the series, Niko's finally get a ship and traveled back to their home planet Planet Nikochan, only to find that someone took over their planet. Arale destroys the ones who took over and peace is returned to Planet Nikochan.

They later return for the grand finale of the series.

Pola & Roid[]


The Niko's in Pola & Roid.

In this manga, King Nikochan and his servant attack Pola and Roid while the two were traveling to Earth. The main character, Pola, scares them off by dressing up as Arale Norimaki (an idea that came from Roid, who reads Dr. Slump).

Dragon Ball[]

King nikochan dragonball

King Nikochan in Dragon Ball.

Niko's appear briefly in Penguin Village picking up trash which Nikochan mistakes for treasure. Later on, his servant tells him that the police are coming and Nikochan and his henchman get in the U.F.O. that they finally fixed. They then planned to kill the police and rule Penguin Village, but the police destroyed their spaceship for good, stranding them once again.

Doctor Slump[]


Nikochan explains about destroying the planet in Doctor Slump.

King Nikochan's appearance has been changed a little in the remake. In episode 58, Ninja Marusaski recruits King Nikochan and his servant to be in the Red Ribbon Army to help him to get the Dragon Balls from Goku. After they fail, they quit.

Video game appearances[]

King Nikochan appears in the handheld games like Dr. Slump Arale Part II: Gatchan Kazi Kazi, Dr. Slump Arale Part III: Ncha! Bycha, Dr. Slump Penguin Village: Oha Konban Chiwa, the PlayStation Dr. Slump game, and in the Nintendo DS games Dr. Slump: Arale-Chan and Dragon Ball: Origins 2.


King Nikochan with his servant in Origins 2.

In Dragon Ball: Origins 2, level 4-2, Goku needs a special lens for Senbei to repair his Dragon Radar. He finds King Nikochan and his servant rejoicing that they have found a special object (a soda can) while collecting trash. Goku then asked them to show him this special object, but Nikochan fled in his spaceship. The sad Nikochan gives Goku the soda can after Goku destroyed his ship, but it was not what Goku was looking for. King Nikochan then takes out his binoculars to observe planet Nikochan, and Goku and Arale see that Nikochan's binoculars have the special lenses they were looking for, so he gives them his binoculars.

King Nikochan and his servant repair their ship in the bonus level 4-4, but Arale damages it and it ends up eaten by the Gatchan's while they were helping the Niko's to collect trash.

In the bonus level 4-6, while they were picking up trash, the Niko's meet Major Metallitron who arrived in Penguin Village after the fall of the Muscle Tower. King Nikochan invites Arale to the beach to settle accounts with her and convinces Metallitron to fight her, but Arale destroys Metallitron.

In the bonus level 8-7, Nikochan and his servant are employed by Emperor Pilaf to repair and improve the nuclear reactor of his flying fortress and his Fused Pilaf Machine in exchange for parts to repair their own ship. Nikochan and his servant flee once the Pilaf Gang is defeated.

Voice actors[]

  • 1980s Series - Hiroshi Ohtake
  • 1990s Series - Bin Shimada
  • 1980s Series Latin dub - Jorge Palafox (he dubbed the character in the Movies 2 and 3 too)
  • 1990s Series Latin dub - Alejandro Ortega
  • 1990s series Indonesian dub: Endi Rahardjo
  • Dragon Ball Latin dub - Javier Rivero (in this dub was renamed as "King Pawn/Rey Peón")
  • FUNimation Dub of Dragon Ball - Justin Cook
  • 1980s series Castilian dub - Ángel del Río
King nikochan DBZ

King Nikochan toy.



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