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Kinoko Sarada (皿田きのこ Sarada Kinoko) is a toddler who lives in Penguin Village. Her name translates to Salad Mushroom in Japanese and her house is shaped like a mushroom, referencing her first name.


Kinoko Sarada spends her days riding her tricycle and laughing at others for not keeping up with fashion.


Earth S.O.S.![]

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In her first appearance in Kids Gone Wild, Kinoko mocks Arale Norimaki and Gatchan because they do not keep up with fashion, but she also gets mocked by the duo. She brings them to her house and changes their look. When they return home, their new look scares Senbei Norimaki.

Other Media[]

Dragon Ball series[]

Kinoko dragonball

Kinoko in Dragon Ball.

In Dragon Ball, Kinoko is seen riding her tricycle and sees Goku chasing General Blue. She is later seen again when Goku asks her if she had seen General Blue.

She also makes a minor appearance in Dragon Ball Super's episode 69.

Doctor Slump[]

In the Doctor Slump remake, Kinoko's clothes and ribbons have different colors.

In the first episode, she is seen in her house when Arale destroyed it by running into it.

Video Games[]

Live-action commercial[]


Live-action version of Kinoko.

Kinoko appears in a Dr. Slump themed commercial for G.U. the fashion retail. In the commercial, she is on her bike next to Akane Kimidori and underneath Gatchan who is flying.



  • Arale: Normally highly intolerant of Arale but she still follows her from time to time due to being jealous of her strength and many friends she has.


  • The Kanariya High Gang Leader: At the end of episode Arale-san! Marry Me, the Kanariya High Gang Leader asks Kinoko if she would like to marry him, to which Kinoko shows an expression of praise on her face, hinting that she might have developed a crush on him.
  • Obotchaman: In the episode Finally Appears! Hit Man Senbei, Obotchaman approached her to ask her something, Kinoko thought that he was going to invite her on a date, but in reality, Obotchaman asked her if she is Arale's friend, to which Kinoko is offended and leaves angrily.


  • In her first appearance, it is revealed that Kinoko's blood type is A.
  • In the official English translation of the chapter Kinoko on the Loose, her last name Sarada is changed to Salad, while the rest of the series uses her original last name, Sarada.