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Koita Ojo, called Futsuman in the manga, is a member of the Ulteeny Force. He also transforms into the superhero Kintaman (no relation to the Kinnikuman-related Kintāman, nor to another manga Chōjin Kintaman).


In the original Dr. Slump manga, Koita Ojo belongs to the Uruchora Police Force (Uruchora Keisatsutai), a parody of the Ultra Guard (Urutora Keibitai) of the Ultra Seven series.


Koita Ojo

His first appearance in the manga is in "Arale Flies the Skies!", but his first major role is in "Penguin Village S.O.S." Koita Ojo is called upon for help when the dreadful Dodongadon shows up and starts terrorizing Penguin Village. Using his ship, the Ulteeny Force member throws rocks at the monster. Dodongadon tries to take down Koita Ojo's ship by firing a missile at it, but misses. Then, Arale Norimaki throws a rock at the ship, destroying it. Koita Ojo tries to transform into Kintaman, but he needs to buy batteries at the Electronics Store before. Finally transformed, he flies to confront the monster. As his transformation lasts only three minutes, Koita Ojo falls when it ends and lands right on Dodongadon's head, defeating the monster.

As Kintaman, he makes an appearance among Arale Norimaki's classmates in "The Big-City Student", asking Skop about escalators. Arale and Gatchan watch a TV show featuring Kintaman in "A Silent Night's Dream".

In the anime episode "Sad Sad Santa", it is revealed that he is the grandson of Santa Claus and carries on his role during Christmas.