Kon Kimidori is the father of both Akane and Aoi and the husband of Murasaki.


Dr. Slump

Kon Kimidori is first seen cross-dressing to act cute for Midori.

Dr. Slump remake


Kon in the Dr. Slump remake

Kon's role is exactly the same in the remake, but the dress he wears to act cute for Midori is a different color: he wears an orange dress like in the original Dr. Slump manga instead of a pink dress he wore in the 1980s anime series.

Voice actors

  • 1980's Series - Banjou Ginga
  • 1997 Series - Hideyuki Tanaka
    • 1980's Series (Latin Dub) - Alejandro Illescas
    • 1997 Series (Latin Dub) - Emmanuel Rivas
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