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Kurikinton Soramame (空豆クリキントン Soramame Kurikinton) is the father of Taro and Peasuke and the husband of Mame Soramame. He is the barber of Penguin Village and also good friends with Senbei Norimaki.


Arale on the Loose[]

He first appears in Arale on the Loose: Part 1.

In Barbershop Panic: Part 1, he is in the barbershop when Joe Dunn holds him up.

Monsters' Night[]

He appears on the cover of Affairs of the Heart! but doesn't appear in the actual chapter.

Other Media[]

Dragon Ball series[]

Dragon Ball Manga Kurikinton

Kurikinton in the Dragon Ball manga.

In the Dragon Ball timeline, he was born in Age 707. In the Dragon Ball manga, Kurikinton Soramame is shown outside of his barbershop making a peace sign. He is shown to be very good with a gun.

He makes a minor cameo in Dragon Ball Super episode 69 watching a TV while giving a haircut to a customer.

Doctor Slump[]


Kurikinton in the remake.

In the 1997 remake of Dr. Slump, his hair is changed to be spiky. When the Red Ribbon Army is in the town, General Blue fell into one of the seats in Kurikinton's shop and unwillingly has his hair cut into a mohawk.

Video game appearance[]

Voice actors[]

  • Japanese voice: Kouji Totani (1980s series)
  • Japanese voice: Nobuaki Kanemitsu (1997 series)
  • Roberto Mendiola (Latin dub - both series)


  • Kurikinton Soramame has a design similar to that of the main character in Akira Toriyama's second manga, Mysterious Rain Jack from 1978.
  • Kurikinton is shown in the Dragon Ball manga, but not the Dragon Ball anime.
  • Kurikinton resembles Harold Francis Callahan portrayed by Clint Eastwood in the movie Dirty Harry.



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