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Let's Go to School
R 1b
Dr. Slump Remake episode
Episode №: 1b
Airdate: November 26, 1997
Japanese Title: 学校へ行こう
Rōmaji: Gakkou he iko u
Manga Counterpart: Here Comes Arale!
Which Will It Be?
Original Anime Counterpart: Hey! Friends
Arale-chan Goes to School
Previous: Arale is Born!!
Next: Time Slipper! (remake episode)
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Let's Go to School (学校へ行こう Gakkou he iko u) is the second segment of the 1st episode of Doctor Slump.


Arale starts her first day of school while Senbei meets her teacher, Miss Yamabuki, with whom he falls in love. At school, students find out about Arale's strength and everybody wants her to join their clubs.


Character Name Voice Actor
Senbei Norimaki Yūsaku Yara
Arale Norimaki Taeko Kawata
Headmaster (Debut) Unknown
Midori Yamabuki (Debut) Yuko Minaguchi
Akane Kimidori Hiroko Konishi
Taro Soramame Shinichirō Ōta
Peasuke Soramame Megumi Urawa

Differences from the Original Adaption[]

  • Akane wasn't annoyed with Arale when she met her. Unlike in the original, where she got annoyed with her at first.
  • Arale, Akane, Peasuke, and Taro meet up in a room in the school building rather than at a tree outside.
  • Students at school try to convince Arale to join their clubs on her first day of school. In the original, that event happened on a different day.