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This is a list of episodes of the Dr. Slump remake series.

For the special episodes of the series, see the List of Dr. Slump Specials

No. in series Titlecard Title Airdate
1a R 1 Arale is Born!! November 26, 1997
On a stormy night, Senbei Norimaki is in the middle of creating an attractive teenage maid android to serve him, but lightning hits his house, causing his machines to malfunction and insteads creates a weird, short, near-sighted girl named Arale.
1b R 1b Let's Go to School November 26, 1997
Arale starts her first day of school while Senbei meets her teacher, Miss Yamabuki, whom he falls in love with. At school, the kids find out about Arale's strength and everybody wants her to join their clubs.
2a R 2a Time Slipper! December 3, 1997
Senbei, Arale, and her friends go to the age of the dinosaurs by the Time Slipper which Senbei invented. But once they arrive in the age of the dinosaurs, they land it inside a dinosaur’s mouth!
2b R 2b The Strange Baby December 3, 1997
3a R 3a Arale's Missing Thing... December 10, 1997
Arale Norimaki comes back from school while Senbei is playing with Gatchan. Then she says that other girls in the school were surprised when she went to swimming pool because she had a body part missing that other girls have. Then, Senbei complains about television that does not show 'body part'. So he makes a pair of glasses that has ability to see through peoples clothes.
3b R 3b the Huge-Tiny Ray Gun December 10, 1997
4a R 4a The Reality Machine December 17, 1997
Senbei invents “the Real Thing Machine”! If Senbei puts a picture of “something” into this machine it will change it into the real thing. So Arale puts in a comic book of “Dragon Ball”…!
4b R 4b the Bear in a Cage December 17, 1997
5a R 5a Hurry for School Lunches January 14, 1998
Arale wants to be bigger so she eats all of her school lunch even though she is a robot! But later, she starts having a stomachache so Senbei checks her body….
5b R 5b Arale Flies in the Sky!! January 14, 1998
6a R 6a The Scary King Niko-Chan January 21, 1998
Two aliens, King Nikochan and his servant come to the Earth for conquest. But before they land it, Arale and Gatchan jump in to their spaceship!
6b R 6b an SOS for Earth January 21, 1998
Gatchan eats King Nikochan’s spaceship, so they cannot go back to their planet anymore!!
7a R 7a Turning in a Dropped Object January 28, 1998
Arale finds 500 yen on the street, so she brings it to a police station. Once she hands it to the police, the police tell her she is a good girl! She gets so excited so she starts picking up everything and bringing it to the police!
7b R 7b the Invisible Ph.D. January 28, 1998
8a R 8a Akane's Prank February 4, 1998
Akane comes up with new prank! She decides to pretend to be Ms. Midori to surprise Senbei…!
8b R 8b Arale as a Gofer February 4, 1998
Arale sees Akane’s bra for the first time, and she starts wanting to have one too!!
9a R 9a The Hero Suppaman February 11, 1998
Suppaman thinks he is a super hero, but actually he is a troublemaker! Since no one thinks he is a hero, he tries to attack everybody.
9b R 9b Storybook Machine February 11, 1998
Arale and Gatchan go to the world of “the Peach Boy” by the Storybook Machine!!
10a R 10a Flashy Children February 18, 1998
Kinoko Salad meets Arale and Gatchan at a park, so she decides to play with them!!.
10b R 10b Bye Bye Wild Power February 18, 1998
Senbei always gets injured by Arale, because she has super wild powers. So, he decides to lower her power level….
11a R 11a Hello,Wonder Island February 25, 1998
Senbei find out how to make “Love Potion X” from his father’s video tape. He needs King UNMOH’s tear to make the Love Potion X, so he decides to go to the Wonder Island to get the tear!!
11b R 11b the Evil King Unmoh February 25, 1998
Senbei find out how to make “Love Potion X” from his father’s video tape. He needs King UNMOH’s tear to make the Love Potion X, so he decides to go to the Wonder Island to get the tear!!
12a R 12a Arale Has Become Serious March 4, 1998
One night, an cricket leaps into Arale’s mouth! The next morning, she becomes a totally different girl!.
12b R 12b Transformation! Pon Poko Gun March 4, 1998
Senbei invents a transformation gun. Once Arale learns how to use the gun, she transforms a cockroach and a frog into Senbei!
13a R 13a A Pathtic Date March 18, 1998
Bancho falls in love with Arale. They decide to have a date together, but it went so bad!!
13b R 13b Exciting Wild Land March 18, 1998
Arale and her friends go to a safari park called Wild Land. They get on a jeep to see the wild animals, but the jeep breaks in the middle of the jungle!
14a R 14a Sos From Penguin Village March 18, 1998
All of a sudden a monster shows up in Penguin Village!! Everybody panics because even the police officers cannot defeat him! To save the village, Koita Oujyou transform into Kintaman to attack the monster!
14b R 14b the Extraordinarily Fun Kintaman March 18, 1998
All of a sudden a monster shows up in Penguin Village!! Everybody panics because even the police officers cannot defeat him! To save the village, Koita Oujyou transform into Kintaman to attack the monster!
15a R 15a Arale and Donbe April 15, 1998
A fox called Donbe love to scare humans. One day, he decides to scare Arale but instead of scaring her he gets scare by her….
15b R 15b the Great Arale’s Eyes Strategy April 15, 1998
Senbei installs a small camera into Arale without telling her. The camera he attaches to her shows whatever she sees!
16a R 16a A Nerve-Wracking Health Examination April 22, 1998
Arale is going to have a health examination tomorrow. To hide her real identity, Senbei decides to record a heartbeat.
16b R 16b the Convenient Machine Ohcha-Boy April 22, 1998
Senbei is fed up with eating cup noodles everyday, so he invents a robot Ohcha-boy, which will cook and clean the house!
17a R 17a A Visit to Arale’s Classroom April 29, 1998
Akane decides to pull a trick on her dad, Senbei, and Kurikinton. She gives them a fake invitation for parents’ day to embarrass them
17b R 17b Pisuke’s First Love April 29, 1998
Pisuke falls in love with a girl name Hiyoko-chan who is taller than him.
18a R 18a Let’s Go to Outer Space May 6, 1998
Senbei decides to go to outer space for his date with Midori, but Arale and Gatchan also come with him…. When they land on a planet, a monster takes Midori away! So, he tries to defeat the monster with his Pon poko Gun!
18b R 18b Let’s Attack an Outer Space Monster! May 6, 1998
Senbei decides to go to outer space for his date with Midori, but Arale and Gatchan also come with him…. When they land on a planet, a monster takes Midori away! So, he tries to defeat the monster with his Pon poko Gun!
19a R 19 Dr. Senbei’s Weak Point May 13, 1998
Arale and Gatchan find a cute puppy. They named the puppy “Poo”, and all of a sudden the dog starts talking!
19b TBA Good Bye, Gatchan May 13, 1998
Two aliens arrive on Earth to find their kid. Once they see Gatchan and Poo playing, they finally find their kid!
20 R 20 The Tiny Devil From Hell: Chivil May 20, 1998
A tiny devil, Chivil, comes to Penguin Village to take a human soul. He tries to take Gatchan’s soul but he realizes Gatchan is not a human…. Now he decides to take Akane’s soul, but Arale is next to her!!
21a R 21a A Transfer Student Comes! May 27, 1998
A super transfer student, Hashimoto, transfers from City Island. All of his classmates never have seen people from city so they are so excited.
21b R 21b Two Arales? Miss Copy May 27, 1998
Senbei promises to take Arale and Gatchan to the amusement park...on the same day Midori offers him tickets to a movie. To solve this problem, Senbei invents Copy-kun to duplicate himself. The problem is, Copy-kun duplicated Senbei’s personality as well.
22 R 22 Miss Yamabuki Collapses: Arale’s Micro Exploration Team June 10, 1998
On a rainy day, all of a sudden Midori collapses on the street. She becomes hospitalized for an unknown reason. The Doctor tells Senbei that it is too late to save her, so Senbei decides to become tiny to go into her body to cure her.
23a R 23 Baby Senbei June 17, 1998
Once Senbei hears Midori is coming to his house, he decides to make a rejuvenating drug to make him look young. Once he drinks the drug he becomes way too young!!
23b TBA “I’ll Show You How Bad I Can Be”: Arale Joins a Biker Gang June 17, 1998
Arale and Gatchan join a biker gang, but actually they are milkmen!!
24 R 24 The Vampire Dranpire: The Great Uproar Over Love Blood Donations June 24, 1998
A Vampire, called Dranpire, comes to Penguin Village to feast on young blood. She decides to target the Norimaki family, but is unfortunate to her it’s Arale and Gatchan….
25 R 25 The Idiot Who Kidnapped Arale! July 8, 1998
There is a guy named Dr. Monster. He doesn’t have enough money to buy a Monster Dictionary, so he decides to kidnap Arale to get some money from Senbei!!
26 R 26 Is It Really True? : Senbei Is Getting Married July 22, 1998
To propose to Midori, Senbei invents a miniature house and miniature robot. Whatever happens in this miniature house will happens in the real world too. He tries to use this miniature house and robot to propose to Midori.
27 R 27 Marriage! Going on a Strange Honeymoon?! July 29, 1998
Today, Senbei and Midori are going on a honeymoon! Just before they leave the house, a wired group takes Midori away!
28 R 28 He’s Even Stronger Than Arale! the Jungle Boy’s Power August 5, 1998
Midori is caught by a very strong boy. To rescue Midori, Arale and the boy start battling!
29 R 29 Has Gatchan Undergone a Great Transformation, Too? the Stealthy Helmet August 12, 1998
Senbei will get arrested for groping?! To avoid arrest by the police, he invents a helmet which will transform him into different people!
30 R 30 Arale in the Nick of the Time Doctor Mashirito’s Counterattack! August 19, 1998
Dr. Mashirito and his new robot arrive at Penguin Village to control the Earth! Now Mashirito and Arale are going to start a battle…!
31 R 31 The Tun Family Has Come August 26, 1998
A spaceship crashes into Penguin Village. While Arale and her friends are looking for the spaceship, a family called the Tun family comes out from the spaceship. Now, they decide to live in Penguin village until they fix the spaceship!!
32 R 32 What a Surprise! Super-Senchan in Urban Island September 2, 1998
Senbei gets an invitation from the Urban Island TV station to be on TV, but Midori tells him to not to go so he decides to let his copy robot to go to Urban Island instead.
33 R 33 Please God! Please Don’t Quit, Mrs. Norimaki September 9, 1998
There is a rumor going around in Penguin Village. The rumor is about one of the teachers from Penguin junior high school who will be transferred to Urban Island junior high school. Midori thinks she is the one who is going to be transferred….
34 R 34 The Strongest Rival Appears! October 14, 1998
Dr. Mashirito decides to create a robot which has same instruction as Arale does. He names the robot “Caramel Man 4th”. Now, he tells Carmel Man 4th to go to Penguin Village to defeat Arale
35 R 35 The Ultimate Love and Righteousness Arale in a Great Pinch! October 21, 1998
Carmel Man 4th finally finds Arale at Penguin Village. Even though he starts liking Arale, he still has to defeat her to fallow his orders. So, he goes to her house to attack her!!
36 R 36 From Today I Am Obochaman, the Warrior of Love! October 28, 1998
Now, Caramel Man 4th decides to live in Penguin Village as “Obochaman”! However, he forgets to bring his energy drink “Robobitan D”, so he finally stops working!!
37a R 37 Arale and the New Teacher November 4, 1998
Obochaman decides to go to school in Penguin Village. When he introduces himself to everyone, he tells them he is a robot!
38 R 38 Obochaman Gets Dumped by Arale November 11, 1998
Obochaman gets dumped by the fake Arale, which Dr. Mashirto creates, but he thinks it is the real Arale so he gets shocked. While Arale is alone, Carmel Man 7th, which Dr. Mashirit creates, tries to attack her!
39 R 39 Hoyoyo! I Took a Licking From Dr. Mashrito November 18, 1998
Arale becomes pulled away from Carmel Man 7th‘s fight. Obochaman tries to save her from Carmel Man 7th but he is way too strong for him….
40 R 40 Handle With Care?! an Expensive Melon Explodes Wildly November 25, 1998
Senbei tries to fix Arale and Obochaman, but he cannot fix them right away. So he attaches Arale’s head onto Obochaman’s body for a temporary fix. While Midori and Arale take a bath together, Midori gets surprised because Arale has boy’s body!
41 R 41 Flying Through the Sky to Search for Obochaman! December 2, 1998
While he is fixing Obochaman, gas starts leaking from Arale’s butt! She gets so excited about her fart, so she starts flying by farting! While Senbei follows her, Midori accidentally throws Obochamam’s head in with the recycled parts!!
42 R 42 Hoyo?! Arale Has a New Friend December 9, 1998
An alien, Tama, comes to Penguin Village to conquer the Earth. When Tama meets Senbei, Arale, and Pisuke, he starts feeling guilty about conquering the Earth, but his mother ship finally arrives at Earth and they start attacking!
43 R 43 Arale Goes to Planet Nikochan December 16, 1998
Senbei gets a gravity control machine from Tama. He tells Tsuruten that if he attaches this machine to their spaceship then they can go back to China. Tsuruten gets so excited about this but Tsukutsun feels very sad about being apart from Akane….
44 R 44 Saving Planet Nikochan With an Uncha Cannon December 23, 1998
When King Nikochan goes to outer space, Arale and her friends are also on the spaceship! When they arrive at Planet Nikochan, the planet is being controlled by a demon Komattachan!!
45 R 45 Hoyo? Arale Has Become a Mother December 23, 1998
A cute Penzarashi hatches from an egg which falls from sky. Arale decides to go to the Osamu-planet by spaceship to return the baby Penzarashi.
46 R 46 Hey…. Let Me Tell You Arale’s Secret January 13, 1999
Senbei’s grandpa and his great son come to Senbei’s house from the country side. Senbei gets so worried that his grandpa might find out about Arale’s secret….
47 R 47 Exciting Arale and Barsan of the Jungle January 20, 1999
Senbei’s grandpa gets surprised about everything he sees. When he chokes on cola, Arale lightly hits grandpa’s back, then he flies away to the jungle!!
48 R 48 A Warning to Arale! Cars Don’t Stop Suddenly January 27, 1999
All of a sudden, a car crashes into Senbei’s house!! The driver is Mrs. Tun, who just got her driver license. Arale and Obochaman decide to go to drive with her!
49 R 49 It Will Be Springtime Soon. How About Falling Love, Arale? February 3, 1999
Arale and her friends go to Snow Mountain for snowboarding. At Snow Mountain, she finds a baby bear. The next day, she looks so sad, so Bancho and Obochaman decide to make her happy! –Why is she so down?
50 R 50 Arale Will Absolutely Become a Hero! February 10, 1999
Koita Oujyou is patrolling at Penguin Village. He uses a transform light to transform to Kintaman, but he losts his transform light!! While Koita, Arale, and Pisuke are looking for the transform light, a huge monster appears at the village!!
51 R 51 Arale’s Party Takes a Trip to a Hot Spring February 17, 1999
Arale gets a cold…. (Actually, it is overheating) Even though she is sick, she wants to go to the hot springs with her friends so Senbei decides to take her. While she is with Obochaman, she sneezes and her head flies off somewhere!!
52 R 52 From Today Arale Is a Wonderful Lady February 24, 1999
Arale decides to attend a culture school to become a wonderful lady. However, once she enters the school, she starts so many kinds of trouble!! So super professor Sadako decides to teach Arale!!
53 R 53 Arale and an Enjoyable Pirate Family March 3, 1999
Excalibur Kingdom’s Asher prince comes to Penguin Village. He asks Arale and Obochaman to help his princess be rescued from a pirate!
54 R 54 Going to the Dragon King’s Palace With Arale on My Birthday March 10, 1999
Today is Senbei’s birthday! Senbei, Arale, and Gatchan rescue a turtle from Suppaman, so the turtle invites them to the dragon king’s palace where a beautiful princess lives.
55 R 55 Ridiculously Wild: Arale as a Nurse March 17, 1999
Sick Boy comes to Penguin Village to spread bacteria!! Because of the Sick Boy, all the people in Penguin Village start getting colds!! Since, Arale and Obochaman are fine, they become temporary nurses!
56 R 56 The Super Secret: I Saw the True Form of the Great Monkey April 14, 1999
Arale finds a Dragon Ball!! She becomes very good friends with Goku, who comes to look for his last Dragon Ball!! One day, when they are playing kick the can together, all of a sudden Goku turns in to a huge monkey!!
57 R 57 Goku and Arale's Great Pinch at School April 14, 1999
Ninja Murasaki recruits King Nikochan and his assistant to help him take the Dragon Balls from Goku. Goku currently attends the Penguin Village school.
58 R 58 Arale and Goku’s Super-Battle Is Beginning! April 21, 1999
While Arale, Goku, and Gatchan are playing, they find a restaurant on the street. So, they decide to go into the restaurant. However, once they go in, all of the people in Penguin Village come to ask Goku to make their wishes come true….
59 R 59 Bye-Cha to Goku, the Strongest Guy in This World! April 28, 1999
When Goku tries to call the Shenlong to make a wish, suddenly all the people from the village come out from the woods to make their wishes!! At the same time, Mashirito tries to take the Dragon Balls!
60 R 60 Arale Witnesses Taro’s Death-Defying Love! May 12, 1999
To choose a perfect man, “Mr. Dandy contest” is just beginning! Taro wants to show something nice about himself to Tsururin, so he decides to attend the contest!
61 R 61 Arale Is Impressed! Penguin Village’s Bomb-Rodders! May 26, 1999
Kinoko’s father accidentally eats Kinoko’s favorite strawberry! She gets so angry, so she leaves home to become a bad girl. Later, she asks Arale to join her. Then, they decide to try a lot of things to become bad girls!
62 R 62 To Be Decided Tonight!? the New Mayor of Penguin Village June 2, 1999
The current Mayor decides to go to a hot spring for his vacation. He asks Arale to become the new mayor of Penguin Village and she accepts!!
63 R 63 Arale’s Hero: Suppaman Who Flies Through the Sky June 9, 1999
Suppaman’s young brother, Shoppaman arrives on Earth! To earn respect from Shoppaman, Suppaman tells Arale and Shoppaman a lie that he can fly trough the sky! So, he decides to ask Senbei to invent a cloak which will make him fly!
64 R 64 Lots of Senbeis Put Arale in a Panic!? June 16, 1999
Senbei and Midori make a promise about something, but Senbei forgets what was the promise is, so he decides to go back to the past to find out what it was!
65 R 65 A Diamond Larger Than a Turd June 23, 1999
Senbei’s family goes to a jewelry fair to see the blue diamond. While they are looking at the diamond, all of a sudden the lights turn off, and someone steals the diamond! When they get home, Senbei founds out that Gatchan ate the blue diamond!
66 R 66 Arale the Fugitive! Rescue Gatchan! July 7, 1999
Gatchan gets kidnapped by the robber Nashibaba! Senbei and Arale try to rescue Gatchan, but they get arrested by the police!! Meanwhile, Nashibaba tries to make Gatchan poop, so he gives a lot of food!!
67 R 67 Has a Gorilla Become a Hanger-on at Arale’s House? July 14, 1999
Father Gorilla visits Senbei’s house. He asks Senbei if his son can home stay at Senbei’s house, because he and his wife have to go to City Island to make some money. Now, the Senbei family and a little gorilla are going to live together!!
68 R 68 t’s Summer! Its’s the Sea! It’s Arale! What? August 11, 1999
At the beach, the Senbei family meets a water imp. The water imp takes them to the Dragon King’s Palace. Once they get to the palace, the water imp takes Midori to be Princess Oto to treat an annoying customer….
69 R 69 Penguin Village’s Rescue Team at Work 24 Hours! August 18, 1999
Arale and her friends are chosen to be members of the rescue team, so they start rescuing people in Penguin Village! One day, while Arale is rescuing people from the fire, all of a sudden Arale stops, because her energy runs out!!
70 R 70 Midori Explodes at Senbei's Foolhardiness August 25, 1999
Drampire starts a part time job as a Death. She visits Senbei’s house to take Senbei’s soul, because according to her memo Senbei will die today. After Senbei dies, she takes Senbei, Arale, and Gatchan to hell!!
71 R 71 Midori Explodes at Senbei's Foolhardiness - Part 2 September 1, 1999
Drampire gets fired from her last job because of Arale, so she decides to get revenge on her! To do so, Drampire invites her to a haunted house to scare her. All the ghosts are trying to scare her but she ends up playing with them!
72 R 72 Arale and Fearsome King in Karaoke Battle September 8, 1999
While Senbei and Suppaman are fighting for the Restore Gun, they accidentally break a magic bottle which the Great King of Terror, Ankoromochi lives. Then, Ankoromochi starts to destroy the Earth!!!
73 R 73 Autumn of the Appetite: Gatchan Increases September 22, 1999
Gatchan’s appetite increases and Gatchan starts to sleep a lot more than before!! One day, after Gatchan eats a lot of food, Gatchan sleeps in a cocoon, which Gatchan makes by itself, and doesn’t come out for a while….
74 R 74 Everyone Assembles: Okay, Bye-Cha September 22, 1999
Midori gains too much weight, so she starts a diet! On the next day, she scales her weight again, and she gets a huge shock because her weight goes up again! So, Senbei takes her to the hospital, and they find out that she is pregnant!!!