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This is a list of episodes of the anime series Dr. Slump Arale-chan.

For the special episodes of the series, see the list of specials.

No. in series Titlecard Title Airdate
1a 01a Arale-chan's Birth April 8, 1981
Senbei Norimaki, Penguin Village's goofy scientist, finally finishes creating the perfect humanoid android. Her only flaw is that she is nearsighted and needs to wear glasses. Senbei takes her into town to convince everybody she is a normal 13-year-old girl.
1b DrSlump-Episode001 307 Hey! Friends April 8, 1981
Arale starts her first day at Penguin Village Junior High School. While introducing Arale to the principal Senbei meets Ms. Yamabuki, Arale's new teacher who Senbei falls in love with. While Arale is at school she meets her new friends Akane Kimidori, Peasuke Soramame, and Taro Soramame.
2a Ep2title Arale-chan Goes to School April 15, 1981
All the people who are in the school activity clubs have asked Arale to join them because she is extremely talented in all kinds of sports. Arale decides to attend all the clubs but, because of her abilities, she starts lots of troubles at the clubs...
2b Ep2btitle It is! ...not there April 15, 1981
Arale comes home from school and tells Senbei that the girls at school said that she is missing a part of the body that the other girls had. Senbei makes a pair of glasses that see through people's clothes so he can see girls naked and find out what "body part" she was missing.
3a Ep3title Great Adventure with the Time Slipper April 22, 1981
Senbei shows Arale his newest invention, The Time Slipper a board with a talking clock that can travel time. Arale accidentally gets lost in ancient Japan with the Time Slipper.
3b Ep3btitle What's with the Egg?! April 22, 1981
Senbei gathers Arale and Peasuke to come along to a trip on the Time Slipper to the prehistoric ages to catch a dinosaur. While failing to get a dinosaur they meet Peasuke's prehistoric ancestor who gives them a rare egg in exchange for Senbei's lighter. When they return to the present the egg hatches and a strange angel-like baby creature comes from the egg.
4a Ep4title Huh?! Is it a Boy? Is it a Girl? May 6th, 1981
After the strange baby hatched from the egg, Arale and Senbei try to raise it. They find out that it eats metal and is powerful after it survives a long fall after Arale threw it to high on accident. Later at night in the bath, Arale and Senbei discover that it has wings. They decide to name it Gadzilla but "Gatchan" for short and then keep it as a member of the family.
4b Ep4btitle Gatchan the Courier May 6th, 1981
Gatchan wakes up early in the morning and decides to pull pranks on the residence of Penguin Village.
5a 4th title My Friend, Mr. Bear!! May 13th, 1981
Arale rescues a bear from a cage and helps it to go back to the forest where it belongs.
5b Ep5btitle New Invention! The Big-Small Ray Gun May 13th, 1981
Arale plays with one of Senbei's inventions called the Big-Small Ray Gun
6a Ep6title The Teacher is Coming! May 20th, 1981
Arale has told Senbei that a teacher is coming to their house. Once he hears this, he thinks Ms. Yamabuki is coming, so he has invented the barber machine to groom his hair to look nice. However, this barber machine is a failed robot.
6b Ep6btitle Arale is Kidnapped! May 20th, 1981
Arale and Gatchan meet a bank robber while playing outside. The bank robber tries to use them as hostages but instead becomes frightened at them because Arale didn't get hurt when accidentally shooting herself with his gun and Gatchan nibbles a part of his gun when he tries to aim it as a hostage.
7 DRSTitle 7 Arale-chan Charge May 27th, 1981
Arale's day is a normal day for her, but it is not a normal day for everyone else! In the morning, she destroys a police car, and at the school, she eats a bunch of whiskey bonbons and gets drunk. That night, she starts having a stomachache.
8 ZZZThe Story of Donbe The Story of Donbe June 3rd, 1981
Donbe plays spiteful pranks on the people of Penguin Village. He runs into trouble after failing to impersonate Miss Yamabuki to get the school's fish and Dr. Slump is mistaken for Donbe. As Donbe finds out how powerful Arale is, he gets his foot caught in a trap and reveals to Arale how badly humans treated him and his parents. Arale invites Donbe over to Dr. Slumps to receive medical treatment despite the trouble the fox caused him.
9 ZZZThe Great Strawberry Panties Caper The Great Strawberry Panties Caper June 10th, 1981
Arale blabs to Dr. Slump about Miss Yamabuki's strawberry panties. Helped by Arale's animal friends, the professor conducts a complicated scientific process so he can get a peek at Yamabuki's panties. However, his attempts fail, leaving him in a state of shock.
10 Ep10title Aah! Earth SOS!! June 17th, 1981
The Alien King Nikochan abducts Arale and Gatchan and is intent on destroying the Earth, but Gatchan eats the alien spaceship. While Dr. Slump builds a new spaceship, Nikochan is driven crazy by the positive reactions the inhabitants show towards aliens. The new spaceship is finished but never leaves the Earth.
11a Drslump11a Hip Hip Children June 24th, 1981
Arale plays with a girl named Kinoko Sarada, who helps Arale fit in with modern ways, but end in disaster when Arale and Gatchan put on a lot of makeup.
11b ZZZScary Scary Police woman Scary Scary Policewoman June 24th, 1981
Dr. Slump is antagonized by a crazy and quick-judging policewoman. The professor finds himself chased by the townspeople when he tries out his invisibility formula until he sustains full-body injuries.
12a ZZZTransform Ponpoko gun Transform Ponpoko Gun July 1st, 1981
Dr. Slump builds a gun that transforms whatever the gunner chooses. Arale uses it to turn Yamabuki into Slump's wife and then turn the doctor into a sea monster.
12b ZZZArale Flies in the Sky Arale Flies in the Sky! July 1st, 1981
Arale wants to fly like Gatchan, so Dr. Slump builds her a flying machine. After a test flight in it, Arale lands on the Weatherman's domain and plays about with the weather.
13 ZZZThe Terrifying Good Girl The Terrifying Good Girl July 8th, 1981
Dr. Slump chastises Arale for her antics. Arale's old acquaintance, Thief-San finds himself dragged into the house, but Arale helps him steal the household inventions, to Slump's chagrin. Still determined to prove that she is a good girl she takes Yamabuki's lesson with such enthusiasm, that she terrifies the animals of Penguin Village and puts the police through a lot of trouble.
14 Our Hero Suppaman Our Hero Suppaman July 15th, 1981
Suppaman has appeared at Penguin Village. He thinks he is a superhero, but everyone knows he is a troublemaker. The only thing he can beat Arale and Gatchan in is rock, paper, scissors. However, for some reason, Arale starts to admire him.
15a Arale's Errand Arale's Errand July 22nd, 1981
Arale sees Akane's bra for the first time, and she starts wanting to have one too.
15b ZZZYay Yay Wildland Yay Yay Wildland July 22nd, 1981
Arale and her friends go to a safari park called Wild land. They get on a jeep to see the wild animals, but the jeep breaks in the middle of the jungle!
16a Drslumpep16b Living for Tomorrow! July 29th, 1981
Arale finds a camera that will show the future. She takes everyone's photo with the camera to see how the future will be 10 years later. All of her friends become 23 years old, but Arale is still the same...
16b Drslumpep16a Arale is Akane!? July 29th, 1981
Arale Norimaki and Akane Kimidori decide to change their appearance to look like each other and spend the rest of their day pretending to be the other.
17 Fear The Monster's Night Fear the Monster's Night August 5th, 1981
Trampire and a werewolf come to Senbei's house for fresh blood and money. Trampire tries to drink Arale's blood, but it's impossible since Arale is an android. Then, Arale and Gatchan start sleepwalking and scare the two monsters away.
18a ZZZThe Fairy Tale Machine The Fairy Tale Machine August 12th, 1981
Arale and Gatchan have gone to the world of fairy tales by Wonder machine. In "the Peach Boy" world, she becomes friends with devils and they start playing a game of tag together! Then, Arale starts changing the fairy tale.
18b ZZZShiverman the Hitman Shiverman the Hitman August 12th, 1981
The Bank Robber wants to get revenge over Arale Norimaki, and he hires the Shiverman. Arale, Gatchan, and the Shiverman end up inside Arale's "King Kong" book by the Fairy Tale Machine.
19 ZZZArale Swims in the Ancient Past Arale Swims in the Ancient Past August 19th, 1981
Arale and Gatchan time slip to a "long time ago" to go swimming without telling Senbei! Senbei starts to worry because they are not coming home.
20 ZZZKinoko on the Loose Kinoko on the Loose August 26th, 1981
Kinoko's father accidentally eats her favorite strawberry. Kinoko gets so angry, so she decides to leave home and tries to become a bad girl.
21 The Great Space Date Adventure The Great Space Date Adventure September 2nd, 1981
Senbei and Ms. Yamabuki go to outer space. While they are flying in outer space, Senbei wants to go to the bathroom, so he decides to land on the closest planet. However, once they land on the planet, Ms. Yamabuki is kidnapped by a monster.
22 ZZZDumbfounded Senbei Dumbfounded Senbei September 9th, 1981
When Senbei returns to Earth, they meet old Akane and Taro. When Senbei tells his name, they don't believe him. Because, according to them, the real Senbei never returned to Earth since he left 50 years ago.
23a ZZZArale's Hoyoyo Date Arale's Hoyoyo Date September 16th, 1981
Arale and Bancho decide to have a date! Arale thinks "to have a date" means to hold each other's hand, so she starts holding Bancho's hand very tight.
23b ZZBye Bye Superpower Bye-Bye Super Power September 16th, 1981
Tired of being beaten by her, Senbei Norimaki decides to reduce Arale Norimaki's power to that of a normal girl.
24 Arale's big change!! Arale's Big Change!! September 30, 1981
A cricket jumps into Arale's mouth while she is sleeping. After she eats the cricket, she becomes a different girl. Now, she is very calm and very serious, so everybody starts to worry about her.
25 Episode 25 The Exchange Student from Metropolis Island October 14th, 1981
A boy name "Skop" transfers to Arale's school. He gets a huge shock from the move because Arale's school is totally different from the one he used to go to.
26 Arale eye caper The Great Arale-Eye Caper!! October 21, 1981
Dr. Slump fits a miniature spy camera in Arale to survey her activities and get a glimpse at Miss Yamabuki's panties. His plan works, but Dr. Slump proceeds to make a video recorder and sends Arale to take a bath with Miss Yamabuki, so he can record a video of Yamabuki's naked body. This does not work out for him with Arale being distracted and Donbe makes Dr. Slump's plan backfire.
27 Yay! a new friend Yay! A New Friend October 28, 1981
Arale and Gatchan find a dog in the street. They start liking the dog so they decide to keep it and name the dog "Poo". They become very good friends.
28 Goodbye gatchan!! Goodbye, Gatchan!! November 4, 1981
Two aliens show up in Penguin Village. They accidentally dropped their child on Earth, so they come to look for their child. Once they see that Gatchan and Poo are playing, they finally find their child.
29 29 How Adorable! The Lovely Middle-aged Trio November 11, 1981
Feeling mischievous? One day, Akane and Arale trick their dad's into coming to school in women's clothing.
30 30 A Pounding Heart! Peasuke's First Love November 18, 1981
Seems like Peasuke has found his first love. Everyone wants to know who Peasuke's first love is. So Senbei invents the "First Love Spray" to find out who Peasuke likes.
31 31 The Araletouchables November 25, 1981
Recently, a lot of crimes are happening in Penguin Village. One day, Suppaman robs a bank. Polices arrest Suppaman, but he easily breaks out from the jail. A police officer, named Arale, starts chasing Suppaman.
32 32 Arale's Lullaby Dream December 2, 1981
Arale finds out Kinoko wets her bed, so now she wants to wet her own bed. Arale tries to dream about something related to water, but she still cannot wet her bed... So Senbei invents a pillow which will allow her to dream about anything.
33 33 A Masterpiece!? Little Cat Riding Hood December 9, 1981
Senbei tries to become famous because he thinks Ms. Yamabuki will like him. So, he invents a Movie Machine to shoot a movie easily. He lets Akane be the producer and he becomes the actor of "The Little Cat Riding Hood".
34 34 Chivil, Hell's Messenger December 16, 1981
A tiny devil, Chivil, comes to Penguin Village to collect human souls. He tries to take Arale's soul, but she is way too strong for him.
35 35 Sad Sad Santa December 23, 1981
Arale and Peasuke believe in Santa Claus, but Taro and Akane laugh at them because they think it is so childish to believe in such things. So Senbei decides to become Santa Claus to show Taro and Akane... seeing is believing.
36 36 Messed-up Devil Girl December 30, 1981
A girl named "Morass/Witchpee" comes to Penguin Village. She is a tiny devil Chivil's older sister! Morass/Witchpee tries to take men's souls in many ways, but she always seems to change her mind.
37 37 Arale's Musical, Cinderella January 6, 1982
Today's episode of Dr. Slump is extra special! It is a musical of Cinderella! Senbei becomes Cinderella and Arale becomes the witch in this episode! However, it seems like this Cinderella story is something different than the usual Cinderella story...
38 Drslumpep38 The Mysterious Dr. Monster?! January 13th, 1982
Dr. Monster's dream is to create a Kingdom, but he doesn't have enough money to create the Kingdom, so he decides to rob something from Senbei's house.
39 39 Showdown! Musashi vs. Arale January 20, 1982
Arale time slips to "a while ago", and meets Musashi, who is on his way to have a duel with his rival Kojiro. However, somehow Arale and Musashi start doing Rock Paper Scissors, but he refuses to lose to her, so he keeps on battling...
40 40 Our Hero Suppaman Part II January 27, 1982
No one cares about Suppaman, so he decides to throw dynamite all over everyone! Finally, the victims decide to get together to stop him from transforming into Suppaman.
41a 41a The Reality Machine February 3, 1982
Senbei invents the machine called "the Reality Machine"! This machine will give you a real version of whatever photo you put into it. So, Arale puts an unbelievable photo into the reality machine.
41b 41b Bikers at Dawn February 3, 1982
The Fly Milk Gang is speechless when Arale Norimaki and Gatchan want to join their gang. They eventually get accepted and their rivals, The Mosquito Milk Gang, appear.
42 42 Parzan, King of the Jungle February 10, 1982
Everybody in the jungle thinks Parzan is dumb, but he thinks he is a hero. One day, he starts a dual with another dummy, Suppaman.
43 43 Whoa?! Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom February 17, 1982
The police officers, Gala and Pagos, meet Arale on the street. For some reason, she doesn't destroy their police car as she usually does. They start wondering something is weird about her so they decide to follow her.
44 Arale goes to M Island Arale Goes to Metropolis Island February 24th, 1982
Senbei, Arale, and Gatchan have gone to Metropolis Island because Senbei gets an offer to be on TV. While Senbei is shooting the TV program, Arale and Gatchan start playing war outside of the studio and they start destroying the whole city.
45 45 The Devilish Transformation March 3, 1982
Akane realizes that she and Ms. Yamabuki are look-alikes, so she decides to pretend to be Ms. Yamabuki to trick Senbei. She puts on make-up and wears a wig then she goes to visit Senbei.
46 46 From Penguin Village with Love March 10, 1982
James Boton is well-known for handling "Poo" well. However, once he gets to the Penguin Village, he meets Arale who handles "Poo" much better than he does.
47 47 Caveman Hoyoyo in the Dinosaur Age March 17, 1982
This episode is different from the usual episode! Today's episode is about a long time ago's Penguin Village.
48 48 Chivil's Work March 24, 1982
Chivil tries to take Senbei to hell, but Senbei keeps complaining to Chivil that he should go to heaven instead of hell. However, on Chivil's record, there is proof that Senbei has done something bad in his past...
49 49 Leave it to Akiko March 31, 1982
Since Arale is not good at both cooking and cleaning, Senbei decides to invent a new housekeeper robot, Akiko. However, after he invents Akiko, he realizes that she has some problems.
50 50 Yay! A Date for Mr. Copy April 7, 1982
Senbei makes a promise to Arale to take her to the Amusement Park. However, Senbei also makes a promise to Ms. Yamabuki to take her to a movie on the same day! He doesn't want to cancel both, so he invents his copy to keep both promises.
51 51 Thanks! The Kick The Can Celebration Party April 14, 1982
The Can Kicking Contest just started!! Everybody in Penguin Village is very excited because the winner will have whatever he/she dreams of. Senbei tries to win this game because his dream is to marry Ms. Yamabuki.
52 52 Arale's Thief Hoyoyo Gang April 21, 1982
Everybody in Penguin Village is talking about the Mysterious Thief Gang. But actually, Arale, Gatchan, and Akane are the thief gang. After they steal Ms. Yamabuki's strawberry pattern underwear, they decide to take Senbei's baked sweet potato.

53 53 Anko and Nonko Discover the Countryside April 28, 1982
Anko and Nonko come to Penguin Village for sightseeing from Metropolis Island. However, everybody in the village thinks Anko is Arale, because they look very similar, so they decide to get revenge on her...
54 54 The Children's Day Festival Poke Poke Huff Puff May 5, 1982
Arale and Akane find a weird Takoyaki-ya. Arale never has had Takoyaki before so Akane teaches her "Huff Huff Puff and Eat" technique. Arale loves this technique, So she starts doing "Huff Huff Puff" to all the stuff in the Village.
55 58 Super Driver May 12, 1982
All of a sudden a car crashes into Senbei's house. The driver is Aoi who just got a driver's license. Arale goes to Drive with Aoi, but her driving technique is super crazy!!
56 56 Am I Wicked Strong?! May 19th, 1982
A samurai warrior Sugata Sankaku comes to Penguin Village. He is very strong but also he is very hungry. When his hunger reaches an intolerable level, Arale asks him to come to her house to have some of Senbei's ramen.
57 57 The Miniature House of Our Dreams May 26th, 1982
Senbei invents a miniature house. This miniature house is not a regular miniature house. Whatever happens in the miniature house will become true! So Senbei wants to use this miniature house to make Ms. Yamabuki fall in love to him.
58 58 2 Arale's Thief Hoyoyo Gang Part II June 2, 1982
The next target they want to steal is Senbei's "tallest ice candy in the world"! But once Senbei notices that, he hires a detective to try to stop the thief gang.
59 59 The Super Exciting Time Stop June 9, 1982
The writer of Dr. Slump, Mr. Toriyama, is under huge pressure to meet his deadline every day. So, he requests for Senbei to invent the machine which will stop time. To make the Time Stop Machine, Senbei requests to make him and Ms. Yamabuki marry.
60 60 Suppaman In Danger June 16, 1982
Suppaman tries to rescue Butao from the water well. But, somehow he falls into the water well too.
61 61 Exploration! Mammoth Midori June 23, 1982
Something is weird about Ms. Yamabuki! It seems like she has a "Mosquito's Super Market Disease". So, Senbei decides to become small by using the Big-Small Ray Gun and tries to get inside of Ms. Yambuki's body to fix her.
62 62 Scaary! Monster Prince June 30th, 1982
A prince monster decides to have a human girlfriend. He chooses Arale to be his girlfriend and she accepts it.
63 63 Arale's New Star Festival Story July 7, 1982
A cattleman named Senbei and princess Orihime propose a marriage. However, the King doesn't want her to marry Senbei so he tries to stop the marriage.
64 64 Goo Goo Ga Ga Senbei July 14, 1982
Senbei thinks if he becomes younger Ms. Yamabuki will like him. So, he invents a leaf which will make him young. But once he drinks the leaf's juice, he becomes too young.
65 65 The Twinkling Night Sky Drum and Fife Band July 21, 1982
Arale starts working at an ice cream store as a part-time job, but she is having a difficult time selling the ice cream. So, she finds other interesting stuff in the street and she starts forgetting about her job.
66 66 We're No Angels July 28, 1982
Bad guys, who broke out from space-jail, arrive in Penguin Village. They decided to kidnap Arale to make some money. However, somehow Arale thinks these three are Angels so she requests crazy things from them.
67 67 A Romance Fairy Tale!! Tricycle Stories August 4, 1982
Arale has never ridden a tricycle, so Senbei decides to make a tricycle for her. Instead of making regular tricycle, he creates a tricycle which time slip to ten years ago and ten years later.
68 Drslumpep68 The Great Combot Caper of 2013 August 11th, 1982
This episode is about the future. In the Momonga Kingdom, Arale and her friends are stealing a lot of stuff and became violent. One day, they feel very bored so they decide to steal a giant robot from Senbei's base.
69 Drslumpep69 The Invader from Space August 18th, 1982
Alien Bubibinman comes to Earth to become a superhero! But he looks just like a fly... Arale thinks Bubibinman is a fly that became bigger by the Big-Small Ray Gun so she decides to spray bug killer on him.
70 70 Arale's Arabian Nights August 25, 1982
A long time ago in Arabia, Senbei became very rich by a magical pot's spell. However, once Suppaman took his magical pot away, the spell was reversed.
71 71 Dr. Mashirito's Ambition September 1, 1982
Dr. Mashirito has an evil plot to conquer the world with his robot! But once he finds out Senbei created super robot Arale, he decides to send him a letter of defiance. However, when Senbei receives the letter he thought it was a love letter.
72 72 Dr. Mashirito's Ambition Part II September 8, 1982
Senbei is so excited to have a date with the "World's super star". The rumor circulates all over the village. Everybody is excited to see the "Super star", but once they found out the superstar is Dr. Mashirito they start booing him.
73 73 Penguin Village Wars September 15, 1982
Dr. Mashirito decides to get revenge on Arale! At the same time in Penguin Village, Suppaman sets up an "Earth Guard Corps". Arale, Gatchan, and Butao decided to join the corps to fight for Penguin Village's peace.
74 74 Penguin Village Wars Part II September 22, 1982
The battle just started between Mashirito Military and Earth Guard Corps! Arale is too strong during the battle, so Dr. Mashirito decided to attack her with Poo.
75 75 Arale's Lost Item September 29, 1982
Arale tries to play soccer, but she kicks her own head instead of kicking the ball! Her head flies far away that she can't even find it. While Arale is looking for her own head, everybody starts to worry because she is not coming back.
76 76 Tale of the Penguin Village of Eight Gravestones October 6, 1982
While Arale and her friends are drawing graffiti on a gravestone, a grandma, who has special powers, shows up and tells them that they will have bad luck because of it. Are they really going to get bad luck?
77 77 Suppaman of Justice VS Senbei of Love October 13, 1982
Arale's school is looking for a new PE teacher. Senbei sends a resume to school because he wants to work with Ms. Yamabuki. However, he finds out there is another person who applied for PE teacher. It is Suppaman.
78 78 Happy Date in Mystery Land October 20, 1982
Arale finds a book that Peasuke lost. Somehow, Arale, Peasuke, Hiyoko, and Suzume all go into the world of "Alice in Wonderland" by the Fairy Tale Machine.
79 79 Energetic Arale October 27, 1982
Senbei decides to fake an illness to be nursed by Ms. Yamabuki. So he asks Arale and Gatchan to go buy a watermelon. They look for a watermelon everywhere but cannot find it, because it is not watermelon season right now.
80 80 Penguin Village Grand Prix November 3, 1982
A big race will be held at Penguin Village. Senbei, Dr. Mashirito, and King Niko-chan decide to attend the race with their special machines, but Arale decides to attend with "her feet" as her machine.
81 81 Penguin Village Grand Prix Part II November 10, 1982
The big race just started! Arale is so fast until she gets past the lake. At the lake, she meets an animal called Rasee and they start playing. While she is playing with Rasee, everybody starts passing her.
82 82 Penguin Village Grand Prix Part III November 17, 1982
To save Ms. Yamabuki, who falls down from a cliff, Arale starts running again!! Now, she tries to make it to the goal but Dr. Mashirito tries to stop her with poo.
83 83 Penguin Village Mystery November 24, 1982
Old Woman Spring tells everyone that Penguin Village is cursed by something. So she tells everyone to go to the forest. When they get to the forest, they start hearing someone's cries from the bush..
84 84 Big Head Cometh December 1, 1982
A new teacher named Mr. Kuriatama comes to Arale's school. All of his students laugh at him because he has a huge head, so he decides to quit.
85 85 The Terrifying Vegetable Men December 8, 1982
Arale plants a button in the pot because she thinks it is a seed. The next morning, there is a bottle of milk on the pot. Arale thinks the button, which she planted, become the milk, so she gets so excited!
86 86 The Secret of Arale's Birth December 15, 1982
Senbei's grandfather and his grandson, Ryota, come to Penguin Village. When grandpa hears Arale is Senbei's younger sister, he starts wondering because Senbei's parents passed away more than 20 years ago but Arale is still only 13 years old.
87 87 Arale the Super Prize Girl December 22, 1982
The night of Christmas, Santa Claus Senbei, who just lost his job, lights a match. When he lights the match, a princess's vision comes to him. It was the Midori princess who is under a spell of a magical match. Senbei decides to break Midori's spell.
88 88 The Tale of the Red Sandal Strings December 29, 1982
All the ballerinas from Kuriatama Ballet Company try to become a prima ballerina. One day, Senbe-ko is chosen to be a prima ballerina, so Spa-ko decides to hide Senbe-ko's ballet shoes.
89 Ep90title Here Comes the Tsuns January 5th, 1983
Arale and her friends see a space ship in the sky so Arale attacks the space ship with her beam to catch it. A Family called the Tsun family is on the space ship, and they decide to live in Penguin Village until they fix their space ship.
90 Drslump90 How Exciting! School Panic January 12th, 1983
The Tsun family starts living next to Senbei's house. Tsururin becomes Taro's classmate and Tsukutsun becomes Arale's classmate. At school, Tsururin and Tsukutsun start using their mysterious powers!
91 Drslumpep91 Look, Look, the Lensmen January 19th, 1983
Tsuruten tells Senbei that Senbei's future wife will have a heart-shaped bruise on her butt. So Senbei decides to see Ms. Yamabuki's butt using his X-ray glasses.
92 92 Shooting Star, Wishing Star January 26, 1983
An alien, Tama, comes to Penguin Village to kill all the people on the Earth. When Tama meets Senbei and the other people from the village, he starts to felt guilty about killing them. But he has to follow the mission so he decides to set a time bomb.
93 Drslumpep93 Luck In, Evil Out in Space February 2, 1983
King Nikochan decides to ask Gatchan to bring them back to their home planet. When they go to Senbei's house to ask Gatchan about going, Arale turns them into Demons for Setsubun.
94 Dr slump 094 Title The Angel Lives! February 2nd, 1983
When Arale is playing in the primitive age, a meteor falls out of the sky, so Arale kicks the meteor back to the sky and it flies away with Gatchan until it hits Venus! When Arale comes back to the present time, people find a human mark on Venus.
95 Title95 Nikochan Flies February 16, 1983
King Nikochan decides to open an ice skating rink to make some money to buy a spaceship. But once Arale and Gatchan come to the rink, they start playing a whack-a-mole game on the ice.
96 Dr slump 096 Title Ghost Date February 23rd, 1983
Taro gets so excited because he will have a date with Tsururin! But somehow Arale and Gatchan join the date and they decide to go to a haunted house, which Taro hates.
97 97 Love is a Punch to the Heart March 2, 1983
The bad guys Yoh, Hoi, and Ribbon return to Penguin Village! They decide to attack Tsukutsun, but Akane always helps him, so he starts liking Akane.
98 Drslumpep98 Farewell, Tsuns March 9th, 1983
Senbei invents the gravity-control machine. He tells Tsuruten that if he attaches this machine to their spaceship then they can go back to China. Tsuruten gets so excited about this but Taro, Tsururin, Akane, and Tsukutsun start feel very sad.
99 Mr. Skop Awakes Mr. Skop Awakes March 16, 1983
Almost time for the entrance exam for high school! Skop starts to become worried about the exam because he has been playing with people in Penguin Village, so he goes back to Metropolis Island and tries to study there.
100 100 Official Business! The Space Gumshoe Story March 23, 1983
Space detective, Heiji, comes from the Hanano Oedo planet. Since Tsukutsun has a great technique of fighting, Heiji asks Tsukutsun to fight with the Benigumo Family who has been rampaging through the Hanano oedo planet.
101 101 The Secret of Castle Mashirito March 30, 1983
Senbei finds a treasure map so he sets off to find treasure with Arale and her friends. The treasure map takes them to Dr. Mashirito's castle! Mashirito sets a lot of traps to defeat Arale.
102 102 Adventure, Adventure, Great Adventure!! April 6, 1983
To rescue Ms. Yamabuki, Senbei and Arale head to Mysterious Island! On the island, there is a super-strong child who is trying to cook Ms. Yamabuki. So, Arale tries to fight with the child but her energy gets depleted and she stops.
103 103 The Thief who Loved Books April 13, 1983
Two thieves called Lulu and Pan try to steal something from the Tsun's family. While they are looking for something, they are found by Tsuruten, Tsururin, and her mom.
104 104 Ai-yay-yay Arale's Field Trip April 20, 1983
Two guys, who experienced Aoi's dangerous driving, become hijackers. Surprisingly, the plane they hijack is the same plane Arale and Aoi are on! Because of Arale and the hijackers, the pilot cannot pilot the plane anymore, so Aoi decides to pilot it.
105 105 The Three Suppamen April 27, 1983
When Pazan pretends to be Suppaman to do bad things, a guy comes up to him and gives him a gift. Now, the real Suppaman, Pazan, and Donbe start a fight over the gift.
106 106 The Yellow Carp Banner of Happiness May 4, 1983
When Gatchan is playing at the beach, Gatchan finds a huge egg. Arale and Gatchan start warming the egg. A couple of days later, a baby Penzarashi hatches from the egg. They decide to look for the baby's parents.
107 107 The Kon-Kon Morph Helmet May 11, 1983
Senbei accidentally touches someone's breast and he runs away. He starts to worry about being caught by the police, so he invents a helmet which makes him transform into different people. However, Akane wears the helmet to become Senbei, and she starts touching everyone's butt and flipping everyone's skirt up.
108 108 Welcome, Gangsters May 18, 1983
Arale goes to a picnic with her friends. When they are eating lunch, a gangster family shows up to take their lunches! They decided to do rock paper scissors to decide who can take the lunch.
109 109 Continue! We are the Suppamen May 25, 1983
Suppaman always makes trouble in the village. He tries to defeat Yoh, Hoi, and Ribon, but he gets scared and he switches to their side... Suppaman and Arale start helping Yoh to rob a bank.
110 110 Chivil and the Devil's Dictionary June 1, 1983
Chivil comes back to Penguin Village with a dictionary of the Devil, which tells about many kinds of magic. He tries to take a human soul by using magic, but somehow it makes all the people happy.
111 111 Kinoko, Teacher for a Day June 8, 1983
To become a lady, Gatchan and Suzume are going to have a lecture from Kinoko. In the lecture, Kinoko teaches them how to date a guy! Later, Arale joins the lecture, and they start cooking.
112 112 Four Angry Rogues June 15, 1983
The Treasure hunting just started in Penguin Village! Senbei and others are struggling to break the secret code. While they are looking for the treasure, Bibiruman, the family of car-hijacking, and Joe Dan try to get vengeance on Arale.
113 113 Love Excursion SOS!! June 22, 1983
Mr. Kuriatama is mad at Arale and other students because no one listens to him. So, he decides to work at Metropolis Island Junior High School. On the next day, he goes on a school trip with students and they get swept out to sea.
114 114 Arale's Diary June 29, 1983
Senbei receives a gift from Ms. Yamabuki, but it says "Don't open the gift until 3 o'clock". While he is waiting to open the gift, he starts reading Arale's picture diary. But in her diary, there is a horrible truth.
115 115 The Demon of Penguin Village July 6, 1983
The Norimaki castle's King Senbei is very happy because he gets married to Princess Midori. Later, a bad feudal lord, Mashirito, tries to attack Penguin Village because he is so envious of Penguin Village's cake.
116 116 Super Baseball July 13, 1983
To be on TV, everyone in Penguin Village wants to go to the Koshien. However, there are so many people want to go, so they decide to play a game to choose who can go to the Koshien.
117 117 Farewell, King Nikochan July 20, 1983
Senbei finally invents a nice spaceship. But in case something happens to the spaceship, Senbei decides to let King Nikochan experiment with the spaceship. King Nikochan is so excited to go back to his planet! Can he finally truly go back?
118 118 Showdown in Space! Arale VS Komattachan July 27, 1983
Once King Nikochan gets back to the Nikochan Planet, they find out that the planet has been attacked by Komattachan. So King Nikochan tries to attack Komattachan, but he is so strong that King Nikochan cannot beat him up.
119 119 Runabout Youth August 3, 1983
Today is Penguin Village's Sports Day. Now, a crazy game between the Junior High School Team, High School Team, and Professional Team just begins! -Which team will be the victor?
120 120 The Desicion! The Penguin Village Champion August 10, 1983
So far the High School Team is winning the game! In the last game, Arale and Tsukutsun pair off against Taro and Tsururin! When Tsukutsun tries to fight with Tsururin, he cannot beat her because she uses her magical power.
121 121 The Beauty who Disappeared in the Mystery Mist August 17, 1983
Famous singer Midori disappeared in Fog City. So, Famous Detective Senbei and his assistant Arale start searching for her. They use a robot dog to find Midori but the dog takes them to Spako's room.
122 Drslumpep122 Lovable Combots August 24th, 1983
In Senbei's dream, Midori tells Senbei that there is someone she likes. Once he wakes up, he starts inventing contact lenses which will show one's love. Now he tries to look at Midori with the contact lenses to find out who she likes.
123 123 I Did it! The Great Proposal Plan August 31, 1983
Today is Midori's birthday. Once Senbei founds out that, he decides to propose to Midori, so he writes a letter to her about when and where they are going to meet up, and he asks Arale to give the letter to Midori. Can he finally propose to Midori?
124 124 Marriage! Marriage!! The Doctor and the Teacher September 7, 1983
Midori comes to Senbei's house to bring him a radish. Senbei gets so excited about it so he starts practicing how to propose to her while she is in the restroom. Then, he hears "Yes".
125 125 A Honeymoon of Flying Love September 14, 1983
Senbei and Midori go to Arabia for their honeymoon by using the Fairy Tale Machine. But once they get transported into the fairy tale book together, they get separated from each other.
126 Drslumpep126 Exciting Newlywed Life September 21st, 1983
Senbei wants to take a bath with Midori, so he starts reforming his bathroom. When Midori comes back from school during her lunch break, they have a nice time. So he starts becoming more excited about tonight's bath time.
127 127 Arale Watch Out! The Strongest Rival Appears September 28, 1983
Mashirito builds a robot called Caramel Man 004 to get revenge on Arale. Mashirito gives an order to Caramel Man 004 to go to Penguin Village to attack Arale, but once he sees Arale he falls in love with her.
128 128 Torn Between Justice and Love October 5, 1983
Caramel Man 004, who falls in love with Arale, goes back to Penguin Village. Finally, they start fighting, but Arale is so happy that she has got such a strong friend. So, Arale invites Caramel Man 004 to her house.
129 129 Finally Appears! Hit Man Senbei October 12, 1983
Now, Caramel Man 004 is suspicious about Mashirito's word, so he starts asking everybody about Arale. At the same time, Mashirito invents a Caramel Man 005 which looks like Senbei.
130 130 I'm Obotchaman October 19, 1983
Caramel Man 004 accidentally hits Mashirito, who is wearing Senbei's mask. So Mashirito kicks him out of his house. He doesn't know what he has to do. But finally, he decides to live in Penguin Village.
131 131 Hurry! Telepathy of Love October 26, 1983
Obotchaman starts to live in Penguin Village by himself. But, he doesn't stock up his Robobitan A which he needs for his energy, so finally he stops moving.
132 Heart Pounding Tonight Heart Pounding Tonight November 2, 1983
Arale is going to sleepover at Obotchaman's house! They decide to do arm wrestling but before Obotchaman starts to do that, he goes to Senbei's place to get permission to touch Arale's hand. Once he gets permission to touch her hand, he goes back to his house, but when he enters his house Tsukutsun is waiting for him.
133 There's a placement test There is a Placement Test November 9, 1983
Today is the first day of school for Obotchaman! Arale goes to pick him up before school starts, so he gets so excited. But, when he arrives at school, Mr. Kuriatama tells him that he needs to take an entrance exam.
134 Gatchan Gatchan Gatchan Gatchan November 23, 1983
A lot of stuff suddenly disappears in Penguin Village, so police start researching who has done all of this. However, Senbei finds out that Gatchan is the one who ate everything.
135 135 Yay! Crunch Crunch November 30, 1983
Now there are two Gatchans, so they eat more than before! Midori tells the Gatchans to eat the ground outside instead of the furniture. Then, the Gatchans start to eat the soil every day and something comes out from the ground.
136 136 Suppaman's Brother Appears! December 7, 1983
A boy named Syoppaman comes to Earth in a UFO. Syoppaman is Suppaman's younger brother, and he comes to see his brother from the Okakaume planet. After they greet each other, they start patrolling the village together.
137 137 Nab that Crook! December 14, 1983
A bank robbery occurs in Penguin Village. The suspect, Wanisaburo, seizes a hotel. Wanisaburo's mother tries to stop him but he doesn't listen to her. Penguin Village's chief of police decides to ask Arale to arrest him.
138 138 Painful Christmas Day December 21, 1983
This year's Christmas, Palon has to become Santa Claus. On the day of Christmas, Palon starts giving a gift to each house, but he attacks people because he wants to hide his identity.
139 139 To Wonderland - Taro Suppaman! December 28, 1983
Suppaman asks a Monster Turtle to take him to the "Dragon King's Palace", but the turtle doesn't want to take him. Then, Arale and Obotchaman show up and save the turtle. Now the turtle decides to take them to the Dragon King's Palace.
140 140 Go For It Arale! Earth's Greatest Crisis!! January 11, 1984
Arale and her friends are enjoying the New Year holiday. At the same time, Mashirito invents robots, Caramel Man 006 and 007 to attack Arale.
141 Caramel Man 007 Mashirito Achieves His Goal?! January 18, 1984
Obotchaman finds fake Arale from Mashirito's research lab so he notices Mashirito is trying to attack Arale. So he goes to save Arale from Mashirito and Caramel Man 007, but 007 is too strong and he cannot defeat it.
142 142 Coalescence is Bad! January 25, 1984
Senbei tries to fix Arale and Obotchaman but he cannot fix them right away. So while he fixes them, he temporally attaches Arale's head onto Obotchaman's body. However, Midori accidentally sees Arale's body.
143 143 Senbei Died?! February 1, 1984
Senbei time slips to three days ago to check how to re-build Arale. But instead of time slipping to three days ago, he time slips to three days later. But when people in Penguin Village see him they get so scared!! Later, he finds his own grave.
144 144 Pupupu! Go to the Sky! February 8, 1984
Senbei finally fixes Arale's body! But, somehow gas is leaking from her butt! So, she starts jumping with her farts. Once Peasuke sees that he wants to jump with his fart too, so he starts to eat a lot of potatoes.
145 Dr.Slump 145title Donbe's Love Story February 15th, 1984
Donbe writes a love-letter to Kitsuneko. But, the butterfly pretends the letter is from him instead of from Donbe, so he gets so mad. Now, he decides to do the same to Obotchaman, Taro, and Tsukutsun.
146 146 Burn! Suppaman February 22, 1984
Suppaman gets burned badly, so Obotchaman decides to give him medical treatment at his house. Once Suppaman gets to Obotchaman's house he is very surprised because it is his missing house. Now Suppaman starts getting angry at Obotchaman.
147 147 Our Journey Together February 29, 1984
Senbei can't wait to go to the restroom so he finally poops in the street. Senbei's poop gets so excited because he has never been outside of the restroom. While he is walking in the street, he becomes friends with a bird's poop and a cow's poop.
148 Drslumpep148 Gatchan You're Great!! March 7th, 1984
A gorilla gets attacked by a hunter so the Gatchans rescue him. The gorilla used to hate humans but when he meets Norimaki's family, he becomes closer to them. But one day, the gorilla suddenly disappears.
149 149 We'll Answer All Your Questions Special March 14, 1984
All of a sudden, the writer of Dr.Slump, Toriyama, shows up from out of the sky. In this episode, Toriyama and all the characters from Dr.Slump will answer all the questions about themselves.
150 150 Shape Up Miss Midori March 21, 1984
Midori gains weight so she decides to run for a month. One month later, when she weighs herself, she is still gaining weight. She gets shocked and she faints! But once Senbei takes her to the hospital they find out an exciting result.
151 151 Turbo-kun is Born!! March 28, 1984
A baby boy is born from Senbei and Midori. Senbei names him "Turbo", and he goes to take a walk with Turbo to show everybody. But once he starts paying attention to different stuff, all of a sudden Turbo disappears.
152 E 152 Father is an Alien?! April 4, 1984
They finally find Turbo. But now Turbo has an Ultra Power. Since, no one knows Turbo can use such power so Midori thinks she is the one using ultra power.
153 153 A Horrific Game of Tag April 11, 1984
Arale is so excited to be a big sister. When Senbei and Midori go out, they ask Arale to look after Turbo. Now, Arale, the Gatchans, and Turbo decide to play hide-and-seek.
154 154 Straight Ahead! Turbo-kun April 18, 1984
Turbo is on his leash to not be lost, but he wants to move around so he invents his robot clone to be on a leash. But then, Senbei decides to take Turbo to the beach. Now, the copy robot starts crawling away by itself.
155 155 Showdown! US-Japan Baseball Tournament April 25, 1984
A huge baseball game between Penguin Village High School and Metropolis Island American High School is just beginning. The American team is very strong but the Penguin team doing pretty good too. And, now the batter is Arale.
156 156 US-Japan Baseball Tournament Part II May 2, 1984
Arale hits a 200 km's super fastball, so the Penguin team finally gets one point. But the American team keeps getting more points and now the batter is Rice, who hits the ball super fast. Is there any way the Penguin team going to win?
157 157 This is a Dream!! May 9, 1984
On the way to the school, Akane sees exactly the same situation as she saw in her dream. When Akane sees Turbo is flying, she thinks she's dreaming again. So she decides to do whatever she wants in her dream.
158 158 The Coveted Restaurant May 16, 1984
Today is Midori's payday. Midori decides to take everyone to a nice restaurant, but everyone doesn't know table manners so they take Obotchaman, who knows table manners well, to the restaurant.
159 159 Excuse Me, it's Midnight May 23, 1984
A ghost named Hanako asks Senbei to make her alive again. So, Senbei decides to go back to the past to save her from the accident that killed her. But once he gets to the past, the "past" Hanako starts becoming suspicious about Senbei.
160 160 The Horror of the Human Fly May 30, 1984
Arale and Senbei turn into flies by the transformation Ponpoko gun. But Gatchan accidentally eats the Ponpoko gun, so they cannot go back until Turbo creates another Ponpoko gun. Now they have to live as a fly until they can go back.
161 161 N'cha! Great King Enma June 6, 1984
Trampire starts a part-time job as Death. She tells Senbei that he will die today, but she also tells him that if she sucks her blood he will be alive, so he lets her suck his blood. Once Midori sees that she thought they were having an affair.
162 162 The Christmas Lie June 13, 1984
To attack Senbei's house, Mashirito invents a Santa Claus version of Carmel Man 007. After he invents Carmel Man 007, he realizes that Christmas is 6 months later... So he decides to change the date to Christmas! -How he's going to change it?!
163 163 Who is the World's Number One!! June 20, 1984
"Who is the strongest in the world tournament" just started. Once everyone finds out the prize is 400,000 yen, they get so excited. Now, everybody including Senbei and Arale decides to be in the tournament to get the prize.
164 164 Winner! Winner! The Best in the World!! June 27, 1984
There are so many strong people attending the tournament, so Senbei and Tsukutsun lose easily. But on the other hand, Arale keeps winning the tournament. When Arale and Mashirito start to fight for the final game, Mashirito easily defeats Arale.
165 165 Uncle Tiger-Eight's Java Sparrows July 4, 1984
When Arale hears a sad story about the violent Torahachiro and Java sparrow from Peasuke, she decides to give Java sparrows to Torahachiro. But Torahachiro doesn't take the Java sparrows, so Arale forces him to take them.
166 166 Gatchan's Identity!! July 18, 1984
The two Gatchans are playing with a robot clone which was made by Turbo. Then, a god shows up and tells them he is going to bring one of them to space to control another planet. -Which Gatchan will go to space!?
167 167 God is Very Angry!! July 25, 1984
God decides to destroy the Earth, because of Gatchans' mischief. But Obotchaman treats the god nicely, so he changes his mind. However, the god starts to become suspicious about Obotchaman's kind actions, so he decides to stoke Obotchaman.
168 Do your best Do your best, Tanuki-kun! August 1, 1984
A raccoon dog, Kanta, tries to transform into a car like Donbe does, but he can't transform because he can't flip and land on his feet. So, he starts to practice to turn himself over.
169 168 It's Been a While Since My Last Great Invention!! August 15, 1984
Even though Senbei is the main character of Dr. Slump, he realizes that he is not on TV as much as before, so he tries to invent something amazing to be on TV more. "The time stop watch" which will stop the time.
170 170 Old Lady Spring's Great Yokai War!? August 22, 1984
When Senbei, Arale, and her friends go to a picnic they run into rain, so they decide to wait in a cave until the rain stops. While they are in the cave they find a cemetery.
171 171 Ruckus of Revenge! August 29, 1984
James Bottom, who used to be well known for handling poops, always dreams about Arale and his poop handling battle since he lost, so he decides to get revenge on her with a giant poop.
172 172 Big Laughs on Ghost Island September 5, 1984
One day Senbei tries to invent an object transfer machine, but somehow he invents a 3D graphics transfer machine. Arale starts playing with the machine and she starts to show up & disappear all over the place.
173 173 News Reporter Suppaman's Great Exploit September 12, 1984
While Arale, Akane, and Obotchaman are in the forest, they see a huge gorilla. Once Suppaman hears this, he decides to shoot a fake documentary TV and sell it to the TV station.
174 174 The Mysterious Flying Object September 19, 1984
All of a sudden, a red ball shows up at Penguin Village. The red ball is flying in the air and it is moving around, so all the people in the village start following the ball to find out what it is.
175 175 The Adventures of Youth September 26, 1984
While Tsukutsun and Akane are having a date, a plane crashes in front of them, so Tsukutsun goes to check the plane to see if there are any injured people. Once he gets to the plane, a princess, who looks just like Akane, collapses from the crash.
176 176 The Adventures of Youth Concluded October 3, 1984
When the bad guys notice that Akane is not the real princess, they decide to kill her. But Tsukutsun tries to defeat the bad guys, so the bad guys bring out a magical teapot in which a bad monster lives in to defeat Tsukutsun.
177 177 Sorry it's Been Such a Long Time, Niko-chan October 10, 1984
King Nikochan is telling his two sons about his fake heroic story on Earth. So now they wanting to go to the Earth, but he ignores it. However, his wife tells him to take the kids to the Earth, so King Nikochan has to go back to the Earth with them.
178 178 Peasuke: Love's Big Adventure October 17, 1984
While Peasuke is having a date with Hiyoko-chan, a school gang leader asks him a question. while the gang leader asks something, he accidentally pees in his pants and escapes. So Hiyoko-chan tells him that she doesn't like him anymore.
179 179 Recklessly Becoming High School Seniors October 24, 1984
All the characters in Dr.Slump start wondering about their real age, so they ask Toriyama, the writer of Dr. Slump. Toriyama tells them their real age is 17. So, from the next day, they start attending school as high school students.
180 180 Arale's Driver License October 31, 1984
Once Arale hears Taro is going to get the driver's License, she starts wanting the driver's license too, so she goes to traffic school with him. But the people from the traffic school tell her that she is too young to take the exam.
181 181 Faster! Autobike Boy November 14, 1984
Taro tries to arrest a bike boy for speeding but he cannot catch him. So, He asks his friends to help him to catch the bike boy.
182 182 Wagering Love on the Asphalt! November 21, 1984
A bike boy falls in love with a girl, who always drives her racing car, so he asks her out. But she tells him that if he can beat her in a race then she will go out with him. Her car is way too fast so he decides to ask Arale to be his bike.
183 183 I'm the No. 1 Policeman November 28, 1984
An elite policeman, Charmy Yamada, has been transferred to Penguin Village Police Office from Metropolis Island Police Office. Once Charmy Yamada goes on patrol, and he starts arresting everyone in the village.
184 184 Arale VS Charmy Yamada December 5, 1984
Almost all the people from Penguin Village get arrested by Charmy Yamada. Everyone starts complaining about their arrest, but once they notice that Arale has not been arrested yet they calm. So, Charmy Yamada decides to look for Arale.
185 185 Goodbye!! Arale-san December 12, 1984
Obotchaman is always on time at school, but one day he oversleeps and comes to school late. Once he gets to his class, he realizes that he cannot find Arale. No one tells him where is Arale, so he starts to worry about her.
186 186 A Star has Arrived!! December 19, 1984
Auntie cow's milk doesn't come out, so Senbei tries to invent a medicine for her to be able to breastfeed. Later, Arale goes into Senbei's lab while he is out, and she accidentally puts the medicine into Senbei's coffee.
187 187 Even Better! Superman Suppaman January 9, 1985
Suppaman gets injured from a giant snowman which is made by Arale and Turbo. Since he gets an injury he cannot patrol the village, so he asks Turbo to invent a dummy robot to patrol the Village.
188 188 Vault of the Legendary Pumpkin January 16, 1985
In the middle of the night, Senbei starts thinking of what to give to Midori for their Anniversary. All of a sudden, Midori screams "Pumpkin!" during her sleep. So he decides to give Midori a Pumpkin, and now he goes on a trip to find one.
189 189 Oh! My Safe-chan January 23, 1985
Senbei invents a powerful safe to hide his dirty magazine. He decides to use a magical word to open the safe, but Akane easily finds out what the magic word is, so he decides to change it to a different word which no one knows.
190 190 I Did It! The One Million Yen Quiz January 30, 1985
TV station calls Senbei to give him a chance to win one million yen. First, he has to get through a tongue twister, but he can't say it correctly so he loses his chance. So, he decides to time slip to 30 minutes before to say the tongue twister correctly.
191 191 Penguin Village Murder Mystery February 6, 1985
Arale finds the Time Stop Watch in Senbei's lab, so she and Akane decide to play with the watch. While they are playing, Akane decides to get back at Senbei for what he has done to her before.
192 192 Dreaming of the Penguin Village Grand Prix February 13, 1985
The writer of Dr. Slump, Toriyama, decides to start a Bike Race in Penguin Village. The winner gets to be the village mayor so all the people in Penguin Village decide to attend the race.
193 193 Run! Hurry! Move Quickly!! February 20, 1985
Now the race has just begun. Arale takes first place until she passes the B course. Once she gets to C course, she has to make a stubborn grandpa laugh, so she tries many ways to make him laugh..
194 194 It's Been Decided! Penguin Village's New Mayor February 27, 1985
The last course is "Borrowing things race"! When Arale opens her card, it says she has to bring her lover, so she chooses Obotchaman. Obotchaman gets so excited and they start running to the goal.
195 195 Verifying Love in Our Future March 6, 1985
Obochaman dreams about his marriage with Arale. But Arale tells him "She likes everyone" so he gets so shocked. To make sure of his love with Arale, he decides to go to 10 years later by the time machine.
196 196 Let's Check Out 10 Years From Now Once More March 13, 1985
Toriyama, the writer of the Dr. Slump, go to ten years after's in Penguin Village, and he gets surprised about their simple relationship. Finally, he finds himself in 10 years after.
197 197 Arale: Super Pianist March 20, 1985
Arale gets so excited to have a piano lesson so she can't sleep that night. So she decides to go to school in the middle of the night to play the piano, but once she gets to the school she hears the piano from a room.
198 198 Secret Intelligence Bureau March 27, 1985
In 2095, a scientist invents a super battery which will increase a robot's power 10 thousand times more. The scientist tells Senbei to bring the battery to the Penguin Village, but at the same time, Mashirito is trying to steal the super battery.
199 199 Secret Intelligence Bureau Concluded April 3, 1985
Arale exchanges the super battery with a puppy. Once Mashirito gets the super battery, he runs away with Bibiruman, but Arale chases after them!! When Bibiruman kicks the puppy, Arale kicks him back but all of a sudden her energy runs out.

Season 5[]

200 200 It's Been a Long Time! Akiko-san Returns April 10, 1985
A housekeeper robot, Akiko, comes back to Senbei's house. Once she sees Senbei she gets so excited that she hugs him very tightly. Now, she starts to decorate the house, but when she meets Midori, she gets mad.
201 201 Arale's Japanese Folk Tales April 17, 1985
Senbei and Mashirito start a battle of "who made a better wind up doll" to marry Princess Midori. Senbei wins the battle but Mashirito takes Senbei's Big-Small Ray Gun and makes the princess small.
202 202 Everyone and Everyone's Friends April 24, 1985
Suppaman decides to have pet a cockroach to make some money. In the begging, the cockroach doesn't want to be Suppaman's pet but later on they become real friends. One day, Suppaman and the cockroach go to a restaurant together.
203 203 A Secret Mission of First Love May 1, 1985
Senbei gets an order to protect princess Hiyoko. Princess Hiyoko comes to Earth to see her grandmother who lives in Penguin Village. Once she arrives, Peasuke and Taro try to take her to the village.
204 204 Silly Love Panic May 8, 1985
Margarine Kingdom's Prince Obotchaman is invited to Penguin Kingdom's party. At the Penguin Kingdom, he falls in love with a girl named Arale who is a civilian. However, Princess Supa-ko falls in love with Obotchaman.
205 205 Nekomimi-san's Happiness May 15, 1985
Senbei tells Arale that if she is a good girl then the Cats' Ears Stone Statue will appear and will start running around Penguin Village. Then that night, a mysterious light appears which shows up at Senbei's house.
206 206 Collision! Comet Alley May 22, 1985
Senbei notices there is a mysterious planet that is closer to Earth. The planet's name is "Comet Alley", which will displace all of Earth's air. Turbo suggests that Senbei should be getting to create a huge spaceship.
207 207 Fear of Being Unsophisticated May 29, 1985
Midori goes to a culture school with Mrs. Tsun, and she notices her family is not that elegant. At least she tries to present her self as an elegant lady but Arale doesn't care. One day, Mrs. Tsun drops her earrings, and Arale picks them up.
208 208 Komatta-chan Strikes Back June 5, 1985
Arale receives an invitation for a festival on Nikochan Planet. On the way to the Nikochan planet, their Space Ship's energy runs out. When they stop by at the energy stand, Komatta-chan saw them and decide to follow them.
209 209 Arale-san! Marry Me June 12, 1985
Arale and the School Gang Leader become engaged. On the way to ask for permission from Senbei, they meet Obotchaman. So, Arale shows Obotchaman her engagement ring.
210 210 Senbei: Senbei June 19, 1985
While Arale and the Gatchans are playing, they find a Copy Machine in the basement. Arale makes a copy of herself with the Copy Machine. When Akane finds out about the Copy Machine, Akane decides to trick everyone with it.
211 211 Fight!! Kin'enman June 26, 1985
Midori tells Senbei to go get a checkup. When he goes to the hospital to get a checkup, the doctor tells him that he has to quit smoking otherwise he will have lung cancer. So he decides to invent a No-Smoking-Man robot to help him quit smoking.
212 212 Making Peace with Cupid Robo July 3, 1985
Akane and Tsukutsun get into a fight for a stupid reason. So Arale decides to bring Akane to Senbei's place to ask him to invent the machine that will help them make up. However, Senbei and Midori also get into a fight.
213 213 Dr. Brain's Great Hoyoyo Battle July 10, 1985
Dr. Brain, who has a lot of weapons, tries to make a base at Penguin Village to destroy the Earth. But in the Penguin Village, Dr. Brain's little brother, Mr. Kuriatama, is there.
214 214 Thanks! Suppaman July 17, 1985
Suppaman is starving because he doesn't have money to eat. Even though he transforms into Suppaman, he doesn't have money to buy a plum so he doesn't have enough energy to save people. Finally, he becomes hospitalized by starvation.
215 215 Silent Love July 24, 1985
Akane bumps into a tree and she loses her memory. Senbei and Turbo try to invent something to restore her memory back, but they cannot invent anything. When Tsukutsun praying to god about Akane, god shows up in front of him.
216 216 The Mayor's Coming July 31, 1985
Cabbage City's mayor is mad because the new Penguin Village mayor, Arale, never comes to visit him. So the mayor decides to fight with Arale.
217 217 Lullaby of Suppaman August 7, 1985
Gameo transfers to Arale's class. Gameo's father is a famous superhero. So, Suppaman tries to use Gameo to become friends with Gameo's father.
218 218 The Miracle Grilled Fish Meal August 14, 1985
Senbei is hungry but there is no food at home, and he only has 20 yen. He wants to eat a grilled fish lunch box with his 20 yen, but he doesn't know where to eat with the money, so he asks his PC.
219 219 Invitation to Another Dimension August 21, 1985
Senbei feels that Midori gave him cold, so he invents the machine that will take him to another dimension to find his true love. So he goes to a different world in which he is not married to Midori.
220 220 The Thunder God Falls to Earth August 28, 1985
When Senbei wakes up, he realizes that Mr. Thunder is in his kitchen. It seems like he brought Mr. Thunder to his home for Midori's birthday gift. But when Senbei sees Mr. Thunder is helping Midori, he thinks Mr. Thunder is flirting with her.
221 221 Sparta Wars September 4, 1985
Skop's big brother, Mr. Shovel transfers to Arale's school. Mr. Shovel tries to make everyone super smart but he realizes they are so stupid... So he decides to do research on their brains.
222 222 Go for it! Mr. Pro Wrestler September 11, 1985
Peasuke's favorite wrestler, Masked Melon comes to Penguin Village. Since he is a superstar, everyone in the village talks about him. Melon will fight with Heyheyho who is 20 meters tall. Is Melon going to be a winner of the match?
223 223 Has the Sun Run Away from Home!? September 18, 1985
When Peasuke gets 0% on his test, his classmates laugh at him, so he screams "the Sun is stupid!!!" on the hill. Once the sun hears this, he gets mad, and all of a sudden he makes it a night.
224 224 Exciting Tea Room September 25, 1985
While Senbei is shopping for dinner, he finds a café called the "No Pan Cafe". So, he goes into the café to see the waitress's "No Pan", but her skirt's length is too long so he cannot see it. And later, Tsuruten comes into the café too.
225 225 We Don't Need these Cats!! October 2, 1985
Obotchaman's cat has five kittens. But it is difficult to raise seven cats by himself. So on the next day, they decide to find someone to take the kittens.
226 226 Dream Machine of Terror October 9, 1985
Senbei invents the machine that will make you dream whatever you want to dream of. And for this machine, up to five people can dream the same dreams at the same time.
227 Unknown episode 2 Arale VS Metropolis Island October 16, 1985
Arale is going to attend to Big City Island High School for one day. Senbei worries about Arale's superpowers so he invents a "Low Power Belt" to lower her power. Once she arrives at Big City Island High school, she sits next to a bully, Daisuke.
228 228 Disruptive Toys October 23, 1985
Bokuchin gets bored with his own toy, so he decides to go to Penguin Village's toy store to find new toys, but he can't find any toy that he likes. Once he sees Arale, he starts wanting to make Arale his toy.
229 229 Arale's Airport '85 October 30, 1985
Arale and Obotchaman are on a plane going to Big City Island. They are so excited to go to City Island, but before the plane departs, Suppaman hijacks the plane.
230 230 Arale's Food Substitution Battle November 6, 1985
Senbei starts to cook for dinner because Midori gets burned. But he realizes that he cannot cook, so he invents a Cooker Machine which will cook food perfectly. However, Arale, Akane, and the Gatchans accidentally go into the Cooker Machine.
231 231 Yay! Fairy Tale Land!! November 20, 1985
An amusement park just opened at White Rhinoceros Village. Once Arale hears they have an exciting roller coaster, she and Midori start asking Senbei to take them to the Amusement Park. But, he doesn't want to go.
232 Unknown episode The Norimaki's Quiet Evening November 27, 1985
Senbei notices that Midori and Turbo aren't getting enough sleep because of his heavy snoring. So he invents a robot which will dampen the sound. After the robot eats Senbei's snoring, Midori and Turbo are able to sleep peacefully.
233 233 Revealed!! Earth's Secret December 4, 1985
While Arale and her friends are playing, they find a fossil house in the hole. When Senbei starts research on the fossil house, and he finds a letter which is written in ancient characters. Turbo reads the words with his magical powers, and he finds out it is writing about an old secret of Earth.
234 234 Hoyoyo!! Earth Falls Apart December 11, 1985
Senbei finds out about the secret of Earth. And, Obotchaman, who has been re-created by Mashirito, starts attacking Senbei. While Arale tries to save Senbei from Obotchaman, Mashirito takes a key from a museum.
235 235 An Important Announcement!! December 18, 1985
Senbei decides to tell everyone that Arale is a robot. One night, while Senbei is at a hostess club, a cockroach appears in Senbei's house, so Arale attacks the cockroach with her N'cha Shot, then her energy runs out and she stops.
236 236 The Horror of Black Santa!! December 25, 1985
While Arale and her friends are having a Christmas party, Mr. Kuriatama Santa Claus falls down from the sky. Since Kuriatama Santa is injured, Arale and her friends have to deliver all the gifts for him.
237 237 Audition Day!! We're All Set January 8, 1986
Toriyama, the writer of the Dr.Slump, decides to hold an audition for his next TV shows' main character. Once all the characters hear about this, everybody tries to win the audition.
238 238 Clash! Main Character Title Match January 15, 1986
When King Nikochan and Joe Dan hear that Dr. Slump will end soon, they come to Penguin Village to be in the audition.
239 239 The Girlfriend Who Fell From the Sky January 22, 1986
Arale and her friends see a space ship "San Shi Go" crashes into Water Strider Island. Seems like Tsukutsun's friend, Chin Tiku Lin, is on the spaceship, so they decide to go to Water Strider Island to rescue Chin Tiku Lin.
240 240 Goodbye Arale-chan as Penguin Village Disappears January 29, 1986
Toriyama, the writer of Dr. Slump, chooses Senbei to be the next main character. Once Senbei hears this, he gets so excited but Toriyama asks him to invent the machine that will erase all the other characters. So, Senbei invents the machine.
241 241 Goodbye Arale-chan Who Loved Making Friends February 5, 1986
Obotchaman oversleeps the day of his date with Arale. Once he gets to the meeting place, Arale is not there. He tries to look for Arale all over the village but he can't find her! Finally, he finds her but she is holding hands with another guy.
242 242 Goodbye Arale-chan with Dread! The Exciting Bargain Sale February 12, 1986
Bargain sale will be held at the Police Station. Senbei hears that his spy camera which he invented a long time ago to spy on Midori, will be at the sale. So, he decides to sneak into the police station to erase the camera's memory.
243 ZZZI DUnnon Goodbye Arale-chan, Bye-Cha! See You Later! February 19, 1986
Today is the final episode for Dr. Slump. All of the characters will be in this episode so all the people in the Village are so excited. Senbei is planning to invent something to surprise everyone.