This is a list of episodes of the anime series Dr. Slump Arale-chan.

  1. Arale's Birth / Hey! Friends
  2. Arale Goes to School! / It is! ...not there
  3. Great Adventure with the Time Slipper / What's with the Egg?!
  4. Huh?! Is it a Boy? Is it a Girl? / Gatchan the Courier
  5. My Friend, Mr. Bear!! / New Invention! The Big-Small Ray Gun
  6. The Teacher is Coming! / Arale is Kidnapped!
  7. Arale-Chan Charge
  8. The Story of Donbe
  9. The Great Strawberry Panties Caper
  10. Aah! Earth SOS!!
  11. Hip Hip Children / Scary Scary Policewoman
  12. Transform Ponpoko Gun / Arale Flies in the Sky!
  13. The Terrifying Good Girl
  14. Our Hero Suppaman
  15. Arale's Errand / Yay Yay Wildland
  16. Arale is Akane!? / Living for Tomorrow!
  17. Fear the Monster's Night
  18. The Fairy Tale Machine / Shiverman the Hitman
  19. Arale Swims in the Ancient Past
  20. Kinoko on the Loose
  21. The Great Space Date Adventure (Super Slump Space Special I)
  22. Dumbfounded Senbei (Super Slump Space Special II)
  23. Arale's Hoyoyo Date / Bye-Bye Super Power
  24. Arale's Big Change!!
  25. The Exchange Student from Metropolis Island
  26. The Great Arale-Eye Caper!!
  27. Yay! A New Friend
  28. Goodbye, Gatchan!!
  29. How Adorable! The Lovely Middle-aged Trio
  30. A Pounding Heart! Peasuke's First Love
  31. The Araletouchables
  32. Arale's Lullaby Dream
  33. A Masterpiece!? Little Cat Riding Hood
  34. Chivil, Hell's Messenger
  35. Sad Sad Santa
  36. Messed-up Devilgirl
  37. Arale's Musical, Cinderella
  38. The Mysterious Dr. Monster?!
  39. Showdown! Musashi vs. Arale
  40. Our Hero Suppaman Part II
  41. The Reality Machine / Riders at Dawn
  42. Parzan, King of the Jungle
  43. Whoa?! Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom
  44. Arale Goes to Metropolis Island
  45. The Fiendish Transformation
  46. Penguin Village in Love
  47. Caveman Hoyoyo in the Dinosaur Age
  48. Chivil's Work
  49. Leave it to Akiko
  50. Yay! A Date for Mr. Copy
  51. Thankies! The Kick The Can Celebration Party
  52. Arale's Thief Hoyoyo Gang
  53. Anko and Nonko Discover the Countryside
  54. The Children's Festival Spluk Spluk Phoo Phoo
  55. Super Driver
  56. Am I Wicked Strong?!
  57. The Miniature House of Our Dreams
  58. Arale's Thief Hoyoyo Gang Part II
  59. The Super Exciting Time Stop
  60. Suppaman In Danger
  61. Exploration! Mammoth Midori
  62. Scaary! Monster Prince
  63. Arale's New Star Festival Story
  64. Goo Goo Ga Ga Senbei
  65. The Twinkling Night Sky Drum and Fife Band
  66. We're No Angels
  67. A Romance Fairy Tale!! Tricycle Stories
  68. The Great Combot Caper of 2013
  69. The Invader from Space
  70. Arale's Arabian Nights
  71. Dr. Mashirito's Ambition
  72. Dr. Mashirito's Ambition Part II
  73. Penguin Village Wars
  74. Penguin Village Wars Part II
  75. Arale's Lost Item
  76. Tale of the Penguin Village of Eight Gravestones
  77. Suppaman of Justice VS Senbei of Love
  78. Happy Date in Mystery Land
  79. Energetic Arale
  80. Penguin Village Grand Prix
  81. Penguin Village Grand Prix Part II
  82. Penguin Village Grand Prix Part III
  83. Penguin Village Mystery
  84. Big Head Cometh
  85. The Terrifying Vegetable Men
  86. The Secret of Arale's Birth
  87. Arale the Super Prize Girl
  88. The Tale of the Red Sandal Strings
  89. Here Comes the Tsuns
  90. How Exciting! School Panic
  91. Look, Look, the Lensmen
  92. Shooting Star, Wishing Star
  93. Luck In, Evil Out in Space
  94. The Angel Lives!
  95. Nikochan Flies
  96. Ghost Date
  97. Love is a Punch to the Heart
  98. Farewell, Tsuns
  99. Mr. Skop Awakes
  100. Official Business! The Space Gumshoe Story
  101. The Secret of Castle Mashirito
  102. Adventure, Adventure, Great Adventure!!
  103. The Thief who Loved Books
  104. Ai-yay-yay Arale's Field Trip
  105. The Three Suppamen
  106. The Yellow Carp Banner of Happiness
  107. The Kon-Kon Morph Helmet
  108. Welcome, Gangsters
  109. Continue! We are the Suppamen
  110. Chivil and the Devil's Dictionary
  111. Kinoko, Teacher for a Day
  112. Four Angry Rogues
  113. Love Excursion SOS!!
  114. Arale's Diary
  115. The Demon of Penguin Village
  116. Super Baseball
  117. Farewell, King Nikochan
  118. Showdown in Space! Arale VS Komattachan
  119. Runabout Youth
  120. The Desicion! The Penguin Village Champion
  121. The Beauty who Disappeared in the Mystery Mist
  122. Lovable Combots
  123. I Did it! The Great Proposal Plan
  124. Marriage! Marriage!! The Doctor and the Teacher
  125. A Honeymoon of Flying Love
  126. Exciting Newlywed Life
  127. Arale Watch Out! The Strongest Rival Appears
  128. Torn Between Justice and Love
  129. Finally Appears! Hit Man Senbee
  130. I'm Obotchaman
  131. Hurry! Telepathy of Love
  132. Heart Pounding Tonight
  133. There is a Placement Test
  134. Gatchan Gatchan
  135. Yay! Bori Bari Bori Bari
  136. Suppaman's Brother Appears!
  137. Cho Arrested!
  138. Painful Christmas Day
  139. To Wonderland - Taro Suppaman!
  140. Go For It Arale! Earth's Greatest Crisis!!
  141. Mashirito Achieves His Goal?!
  142. Coalescence is Bad!
  143. Senbei Died?!
  144. Pupupu! Go to the Sky!
  145. Donbe's Mischievous Matchmaking
  146. Burn! Suppaman
  147. Our Journey Together
  148. Gatchan You're Great
  149. We'll Answer All Your Questions Special
  150. Shape Up Miss Midori
  151. Turbo-kun is Born!!
  152. Father is an Alien?!
  153. A Horriffic Game of Tag
  154. Straight Ahead! Turbo-kun
  155. Showdown! US-Japan Baseball Tournament
  156. US-Japan Baseball Tournament Part II
  157. This is a Dream!!
  158. Admiration of Restaurants
  159. Excuse Me, it's Midnight
  160. The Horror of the Human Fly
  161. N'cha! Great King Enma
  162. Usonko's Christmas
  163. Who is the World's Number One Nephew!!
  164. Winner! Winner! The Best in the World!!
  165. Uncle Tiger-Eight's Java Sparrows
  166. Gatchan's Identity!!
  167. God is Very Angry!!
  168. Do your best, Tanuki-kun!
  169. It's Been a While Since My Last Great Invention!!
  170. Old Lady Spring's Great Yokai War!?
  171. Ruckus of Revenge!
  172. Big Laughs on Ghost Island
  173. News Reporter Suppaman's Great Exploit
  174. The Mysterious Flying Object
  175. The Adventures of Youth
  176. The Adventures of Youth Concluded
  177. Sorry it's Been Such a Long Time, Niko-chan
  178. Peasuke: Love's Big Adventure
  179. Recklessly Becoming High School Seniors
  180. Arale's Driver License
  181. Faster! Autobike Boy
  182. Wagering Love on the Asphalt!
  183. I'm the No. 1 Policeman
  184. Arale VS Charmy Yamada
  185. Goodbye!! Arale-san
  186. A Star has Arrived!!
  187. Even Better! Superman Suppaman
  188. Vault of the Legendary Pumpkin
  189. Oh! My Safe-chan
  190. I Did It! The One Million Yen Quiz
  191. Penguin Village Murder Mystery
  192. Dreaming of the Penguin Village Grand Prix
  193. Run! Hurry! Move Quickly!!
  194. It's Been Decided! Penguin Village's New Mayor
  195. Verifying Love in Our Future
  196. Let's Check Out 10 Years From Now Once More
  197. Arale: Super Pianist
  198. Secret Intelligence Bureau
  199. Secret Intelligence Bureau Concluded
  200. It's Been a Long Time! Akiko-san Returns
  201. Arale's Japanese Folk Tales
  202. Everyone and Everyone's Friends
  203. A Secret Mission of First Love
  204. Silly Love Panic
  205. Nekomimi-san's Happiness
  206. Collision! Comet Alley
  207. Fear of Being Unsophisticated
  208. Komatta-chan Strikes Back
  209. Arale-san! Marry Me
  210. Senbei: Senbei
  211. Fight!! Kin'enman
  212. Making Peace with Cupid Robo
  213. Dr. Brain's Great Hoyoyo Battle
  214. Thanks! Suppaman
  215. Silent Love
  216. The Mayor's Coming
  217. Lullaby of Suppaman
  218. The Miracle Grilled Fish Meal
  219. Invitation to Another Dimension
  220. The Thunder God Falls to Earth
  221. Sparta Wars
  222. Go for it! Mr. Pro Wrestler
  223. Has the Sun Run Away from Home!?
  224. Exciting Tea Room
  225. We Don't Need these Cats!!
  226. Dream Machine of Terror
  227. Arale VS Metropolis Island
  228. Disruptive Toys
  229. Arale's Airport '85
  230. Arale's Food Substitution Battle
  231. Yay! Fairy Tale Land!!
  232. The Day that Senbei Didn't Feel Any Noise
  233. Revealed!! Earth's Secret
  234. Hoyoyo!! Earth Falls Apart
  235. An Important Announcement!!
  236. Black Santas of Fear
  237. Audition Day!! We're All Set
  238. Clash! Main Character Title Match
  239. The Girlfriend Who Fell From the Sky
  240. Goodbye Arale-chan as Penguin Village Disappears
  241. Goodbye Arale-chan Who Loved Making Friends
  242. Goodbye Arale-chan with Dread! The Exciting Bargain Sale
  243. Goodbye Arale-chan, Bye-Cha! See You Later!