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This article lists moments in popular culture such as television, film and video games that make reference the Dr. Slump series.



Arale on the spine of volume 29 of Gintoki's Jump collection

  • The 2004 episode "Bogus Booty" of Samurai Champloo has a scene where Mugen impersonates Arale's signature run by sticking his arms out and making the sound "Kiin".
  • The 53rd episode of Gintama has a small picture of Arale on the spin of a 29th Shonen Jump volume that is in a stack that Gintoki was throwing away.
    • Later on in episode 102, Hijikata who has turned into an otaku from a cursed sword witnesses Kagura's strength pushing a car and comments that she is just like Arale from Dr. Slump.
Peasuke Araragi

Reference to Peasuke in Owarimonogatari

  • In the anime adaptation of Owarimonogatari special Hitagi Rendezvous, there is a brief shot where the protagonist Koyomi Araragi is dressed as Peasuke Soramame.
  • The 13th episode of the anime Stop!! Hibari-kun! features cameos by Arale, Senbei, and Taro as members of the "Nagoya Arale Yakuza" family.


  • In 1985's My Lucky Stars, Jackie Chan's character appears in an Arale costume while working undercover in a theme park.
  • Japanese comedian Hōsei Yamasaki dressed up as Arale, doing her signature "Kiiin" and "N'cha" for Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! Cosplay Bus Tour series. Because of failing to complete his task (getting spaghetti for the entire cast) he then had to fly to Italy to get Spaghetti for the entire cast and crew, dressed as Arale all the way.