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This is a list of inventions in the Dr. Slump characters that are created by known characters.

Senbei's Inventions[]

  • Arale Norimaki – The first known perfect Android created by Senbei, although a flaw is that she is nearsighted and needs to wear glasses.
  • See-Thru Glasses – Pair of glasses that can see through anything non-organic. Senbei tries to use it to see girls naked, but they are destroyed when Midori accidentally hits him with her scooter.
  • Cyborg Bear – He converted a bear that was shot by a hunter into a cyborg to save its life.
  • Big-Small Ray Gun – A gun that can shrink or enlarge anything.
  • Future Camera – A camera that takes a picture and shows what whatever is in the picture will look like in the future. A dial changes how far in the future this picture is shown.

Senbei's inventions in the remake

  • Time Slipper – A flat board that travels through time when Mr. Time, a talking clock slips on it. If the board is missing, any flat, smooth surface can substitute it.
  • Numb Ray Gun – A ray gun that freezes anything in place. It failed when Senbei used it against a dinosaur.
  • Egg Incubator –An incubator used for an egg that hatches Gatchan.
  • K-9 Robot – Built to quickly track Arale when she was lost, it has an extremely acute sense of smell. It is apparently rather realistic, as it thinks freely and urinates at some points.
  • Cola Plane – A round airplane powered by the fizz from a giant can of cola. It runs out of fuel rather quickly.
  • Reality Machine – A talking rice cooker that generates a real copy of whatever was on a picture that was put inside of it.
  • Barberman – A robotic hairdresser. It has an odd style of humor, a love for singing, and a self-destruct mechanism. It actually can not cut har very well.
  • Ponpoko Morph Gun – A transformation ray modeled after tanuki of Japanese mythology. The user points at whatever or whoever they wish to transform, says what they want it/he/she to become using a microphone at the back, and a ray transforms the object/person. For them to return to normal, the user must say "turn back!". Senbei says this invention is "Sold in manga only!"
  • Car – He built a car for King Nikochan and his servant instead of a spaceship to get them back home because Senbei did not know they were aliens.

Dr. Mashirito's Inventions[]

Turbo's Inventions[]

  • Time Machine
  • Turbo-bot

Bulma's Inventions[]

Red Ribbon Army's Inventions[]

Dr. Mashirito Jr.'s Inventions[]