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Mame Soramame (空豆まめ Soramame Mame) is the mother of Taro and Peasuke and the wife of Kurikinton Soramame. She is also the older sister of Murasaki Kimidori. Mame Sormeme also wears a similar animal cap like her young son, Peasuke.


The ladies

Mame with Tsuntsunodanoteiyugoh and Murasaki.

Mame Soramame is first mentioned in Taro's resume and makes her first physical appearance in the chapter Sad, Sad Santa, where she is next to her husband and sons shooting and throwing stuff at Senbei disguised as Santa Claus. She makes minor appearances in the chapters A Silent Night's Dream, Witchy Gone Wild, and Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!.


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