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Manure-Boy is a living piece of cow feces.


He along with Poop-Boy and Bird-Poop-Boy went on a journey through Penguin Village to find "their true home". At first he seemed to be a bully, but then he joined them. On there journey they met Soft-Serve Ice-Cream-Boy who they mistook for a poop. They rescued him from the ice cream store and let him go his own way. While they lost hope the meet Old Man Poop who told them to find Arale's house and she knows where to put them. On there way there they were chased by a vacuum truck, but they were saved when Arale rushed out and broke the truck. When Arale brought them to her house she put them in the toilet and said this is there home. They enjoyed it, but were flushed down when poop touched the handle, wondering what it did.

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